What the ‘schoolhouse door’ meant for the Alabama Crimson Tide

The ‘Schoolhouse Door’ event was 55 years ago. Let’s look back at what it meant for Crimson Tide sports and the state of Alabama.

On a scorching June day in 1963, Crimson Tide sports and the state of Alabama was forever changed for the better. On that June 11th, an orchestrated event allowed George Wallace to save face and the United States Justice Department to do its job.

After the Wallace grandstand, Vivian Malone and James Hood entered Foster Auditorium and registered as students at the University of Alabama. They were not the first African-American students to enroll in Tuscaloosa. Autherine Lacy had done so in 1956. The backlash against Lucy was unrelenting. She feared for her safety and within days withdrew from school.

The ‘schoolhouse door stand’ is so well known, many…

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