What Is Time And How Is It Created?

timeWhat is the formula for Time?

No, I dont mean the time determined by dividing distance by speed. I mean Time itself. What the heck is it and how is it created? For a very long time I wondered about Time until a formula was given to me by my Professor who is a master of Dohgon Cosmogony. The Dohgon are a people who knew about the movement of the Stars long before Galileo and Copernicus. Dohgon Cosmogony reveals that Time is divided by Waves. Although it is a simple formula it was very hard for me to understand because I didn’t understand the variables involved as Waves and are still not yet fully understood by modern science. Since unfamiliar explanations require familiar examples first watch the video below.

Recently, I was watching a few documentaries about people who possess extraordinary mental abilities. In the Docs there were people who could tell what day of the week any particular date was or will be, past or future. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Ok… anyone can do that, I know but most people need a formula to do it and it takes a bit of time to calculate. Not with these people in the Docs. One guy was asked what day of the week Nov 25th, 2545 will be and he gave an answer in seconds.

“How are they able to do it?” asked the interviewer.

“I don’t use a formula” the guy confessed, “I think about it and I see the calendar page in my mind”.

This kind of mental ability is called a Savant. It is a mental anomaly that occurs in a very small percentage of the world’s population. Also, while a very small percentage of are born with the anomaly some cases occur as a result of a brain injury. Savant skills are usually found in one or more of five major areas: art, musical abilities, calendar calculation, mathematics and spatial skills. This explanation of a Savant is very important to understanding /Time.

I asked my Professor what is going on in the mind of a Savant and he explained that; TRUTH exists in a realm of Universal Intelligence but since human consciousness is disconnected from Universal Intelligence we struggles to accept Truth. Most of us function by ideology rather than Truth. The Universe never lies. When we claim to discover something we are simply connecting to the Universal Truth of reality. It’s like Columbus discovering America when it already existed and there were people already living here.

Knowledge about everything that has ever happened or will happen based on pre-existing variables in the Universe is permanently stored in the Dark Universe in the form of Waves. That information is available to anyone; we just have to know how to connect to it. are good at calculating certain things because their minds can connect with Waves from the Dark Universe where Space and Time are non existent.

For example; what is the answer to 3456×7352? Do you believe that an answer exists? Of coarse an answer instantly came into existence and is waiting for you to access but your mind cannot access it without performing a calculation. The time between when you first looked at the question and when you actually figured out the answer is your space/time differential.

A Savant is able to tell the day of the week because his mind can access information at will with little or no space/time differential. But lets back up and figure out how Savants are able to access information if the info is not necessarily Universal Truth. The answer is that the Time that we function by is a product of our own creation and not Universal Truth. We know that because there are Lunar calendars and Solar calendars that are culturally based. The calendar that most of the world uses is a Solar Roman calendar.

A savant is not accessing Universal Truth or predicting the future, he is simply accessing the truth of his reality. We also know that he is not seeing into the past or future because he is seeing a calendar that never existed or will exist in the form that he sees it. What he sees is a calendar page based on information already pre calculated by the Universe and that his mind accesses and uses to create an image of. It is like laying out all the calculations beforehand then scanning them to pick the one you need.

In other words, once a set of variables are laid out all the possible answers are instantly calculated and stored in the form of Pure Energy Wave. Because the Savant’s Brain is rewired to connect to the wavelength that contains the information, he simply needs to pick the answer without performing a linear arithmetic exercise.

It all sounds unbelievable, I know. Pure Energy Waves are still a mystery to science but imagine, there was a time when we did not know about the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and more specifically Radio Waves. Those that we create and those that originate from space but today we know they exist. If you stand outside at 2am in the morning the world seems so quiet and peaceful. Can you hear the millions of radio signals, TV signals, and Cell Phone signals? No? The signals need to be modulated to a frequency that can vibrate Air particles for your ear to hear. Then you will go mad without the filters to block all the sound waves.

Pure Energy Waves are a part of the intelligence of the Universe. Everything in the physical universe was created by Pure Energy Waves by way of a permutation process. The creation of Matter initiated Time and Time created Space. That is why in order to understanding Time you have to understand how Pure Energy Waves created Space.

Savants remind us that the mind is capable of very powerful things. We just have to know how to reopen those areas of the mind that have closed based on centuries of neglect and brain washing. Know that Pure Energy Waves first enter the world as and each Number has a Color. To find out how to unlock the code of Pure Energy Waves contact Professor MOmOH, the man who knows everything.