What is the Purpose of My Life?

What is the purpose of my life?

Before discovering the I was on a personal quest to understanding the world and my purpose in it. In my quest I had read the Bible, dabbled in Islamic teachings, and used my secular education to compile an unreliable of the world around me. Fortunately, I was always a skeptical person so I always needed more proof to relieve doubts about everything I learned or experienced.

One of my greatest comforts was and still is Logic, or Common Sense, because it helps me to decipher my doubts. For instance; when religious people say a god created the world 6 thousand years ago, that is obviously illogical because it doesn’t account for the bones of Dinosaurs that can be Carbon dated to 65 million years ago.

My greatest psychological trauma was a perception that Afrakan people are primitive and lack the ability to develop self-sustaining, productive societies outside of the influence of Europeans and others. In actuality, my perception of reality had become tainted by the brainwashing effects of popular culture. Therefore, I judged based on a crooked, unwise ideologies that I developed through Religion and tainted education.

Upon discovering the of the my Mind began to expand. I began to learn to develop a more reliable common denominator to depend on. I learned that history does not start with humans. That’s like counting starting from (one) while omitting (zero), the origin number. History begins with zero, the Great Spirit that is the universe.

The Great Spirit ( Waves), is abstract and cannot exist in physical reality therefore it acts to create, manipulate, and regulate matter using Forces such as Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism. The Great Spirit created the physical world by transforming itself through a Permutation process. In doing so, it also created Space/Time, as we know it. Spirit also created Life through the same process and trough Life it created Humans.

Observation: If the Great Spirit created Life, wouldn’t that make Life a single entity?

The Great Spirit shows us examples of Life’s single but diverse character in everything including ourselves. The human body is a diverse collection of Cells and Organs, all working in accord for a greater purpose. If one organ fails, the Body is in jeopardy of dying. Life is similar in that Plants take in the Carbon Dioxide we exhale and produces the Oxygen we need to live.

Plants are also a vital link in the Food chain of Life. Many Plants need the Bees and other insects to transfer Pollen in the reproductive process between male and female Plants.

Some unwise and unethical Humans have decided to kill off the Bees and other insects with Pesticides so that they can sell genetically modified Plants to farmers. Now many species of Plants that used to depend in insects to flourish are in danger of extinction.

( of the Wise and Foolish) If I said that Life is a single entity working in accord for the greater of the whole, why then do some people (the ignorant and unjust) persist in killing parts of the whole (like a Cancer)?

The provided the answer again. The unjust are disconnected from the guidance of their Spirit because…

  • their Pineal Glands have become Calcified so their Spirit cannot reach their .
  • they’ve grown to rely on Life to guide their Souls but Life only knows how to use reward mechanisms to drive human .
  • they function primarily to fulfill Desires, which in turn induces a constant pursuit of Happiness state.
  • they do not understand that life is a temporary and voluntary physical experience of a omnipotent being.

Life isn’t about (Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) as philosophers, politicians, and sociologists theorize. Life is about something completely different.

To find the answer we need to go back into history. We need to study the lives and cultural practices of our ancestors. It is said that in Dohgon culture, when two old friends meet on the road they exchange pleasantries for a prolonged period of time. But in western society we pass one another and say, “Hi, how are you?” without even expecting or waiting on an answer. The question is the greeting.

This tells us that people in the past cared more about one another and their communities. They placed more emphasis on the happiness of others than on themselves. This psychological condition automatically expands to include the health of the whole community. Therefore, the purpose of my life is to help and protect the whole and to show people who they are.

Beware of unethical people and their “survival of the fittest” individualistic BS that is leaving people depressed, lonely, and unwanted, especially if they are either born at a disadvantage or they would rather not compete at all.

I am IntegRAl MA’AT, a student of Dohgon Spirituality.