We Need To Be Informed About Sandals, Not Misinformed!

I HAVE noticed a series of articles that have popped up on my feed recently from Caribbean News Now, written by Mr. Melanius Alphonse and directed toward Sandals Resorts International and its owner Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart.

I find this intriguing because I live in Trinidad and Tobago and we are on the cusp of Sandals bringing its brand to this island.

Antigua’s PM Gaston Browne is the only CARICOM PM known to have a quarrel with Sandals and Butch Stewart.

Mr. Alphonse has clearly adopted an anti-Sandals stand, or maybe anti-all inclusive. In any event, it is Sandals that he has set his sights on.

I have listened to his arguments and while some have merit and need to be examined much more closely, I am very much put off by what appears to be a biased or one-sided approach to the debate,…

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