Watch: Meet the Kenyan Chef Serving African Seafood in the New Mexican Desert

“I arrived and it felt just like home,” remembers chef Ahmed Obo when he moved from East Africa to his new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Obo is originally from Lamu, a small island of Kenya’s coast where residents move about on foot or by boat. After first moving to New York at age 22, Obo landed in New Mexico where he began working in restaurants and local grocery stores to support himself and his family on Lamu Island.

Obo is joining host Sheldon Simeon in this episode of Cooking in America where the two are sharing a meal at Obo’s Jambo Cafe. On the table there’s island-spiced mahi mahi, ugali (cornmeal dough), and coconut pili pili shrimp — tiger shrimp over basmati rice with an East African coconut tomato hot spice (pili pili means chili in Swahili). The nearly…

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