Was COVID-19 Created?

Was created? Many people are suggesting that it was. However, this private investigator thinks that was created but by mistake by a team of in China who were studying why Bats are the hosts of so many respiratory viruses. Their ultimate goal was to develop a Corona virus vaccine but ended up creating a super virus instead.

This is the theory presented by the creator of this video after taking the time to trace information on the viral back to its source in Wuhan, China. At Afro-Conscious Media we don’t subscribe to conspiracies as most conspiracies are based on ignorance and mis-information. Conspiracies depend on people’s pre-existing fear of authority and the elite class or racial biases.

As some of us may know, Corona viruses are not new, they were first noticed in humans since the early Sixties. Most Corona Viruses are not deadly to us. They cause such illnesses as the , Flues, and some cause more deadly Diseases like MRSA and SARS. Since more frequent and deadly strains of Corona viruses are emerging in societies across the world, many countries have been hard at work trying to find an effective Corona virus Vaccine.

In this video, the individual in question lays out his reasons for presenting his theory that was created by mistake. He also states that his motivation for his research was not to push a conspiracy but to gain knowledge as there were too many unanswered questions about the new Corona virus. This is the kind of information we like because it does not appear to be based on any pre-existing biases. It simply encourages the revelation of truth no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable the truth might be to some people.

If then why don’t the Chinese admit their mistake. Truth requires Accountability but unfortunately, humanity is suffering from Spiritual deficiency so the Consciences of most humans is weak. Another reason is that the phrase “human family” is only a comforting theory. The reality is that humanity is deeply separated racially, culturally, religiously, and politically. The world’s most powerful countries only cooperate because of the economical benefits it provides.

Economic benefit also brings about economic responsibility and because of the dysfunctions of the human family, the rest of humanity would no doubt want to hold China economically responsible for the thousands of people being killed by COVID-19 around the world. The substitute behavior is to use the (deny and reciprocate blame) rule.

Was COVID-19 created by scientists in China? After watching this video, you might begin to believe it was but one thing is certain, due to the unaccountable ways of humans, the truth will get pushed further into obscurity as time goes by. Truth is necessary but instead of determining the truth in order to lay blame, or come up with all sorts of foolish conspiracy theories that don’t make sense, we need to be learning how to protect our health as well as creating cures for COVID-19 and other deadly diseases.

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