Wakanda on the West Side: Locally Owned African Clothing Line Moves Into West Towne Mall

African n American Fits new kiosk in West Towne Mall. Photo by Nicholas Garton.

African n American Fits, a popular brand of custom-made African and American clothing that held its first fashion show last summer, has opened a kiosk in the West Towne Mall. Fits has been serving as a cultural bridge between traditional African fashion and African American culture for several years but, until now, has been selling clothing online.

Yankuba Janneh, the founder of African n American Fits, says that the move to the West Towne Mall is a direct response to the level of popularity his products have had online and around the Wisconsin community.

Yankuba Janneh and his wife where they’ve sold their clothes until now — business expos.

“We’ve been doing it online and at…

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