Understanding the Rise of Black Feminism

Understanding Black Feminism

Understanding the rise of is critical to the survival of healthy Black male/female relationships. A lot of Black men and even some black women are openly expressing hate for and feminists. They view the rise of as an invasion of a foreign ideology that is designed to destroy the Black race and the Black family. The truth is that the rise in Black feminism has to do with several factors that most people refuse to understand. They are; the growing acceptance of Homosexuality in society, Black female joylessness, and the growing animosity between Black men and women.

Women have always been Feminists, it’s an inherent defense of gender. It is the premiere advocating force for female empowerment across the globe. When we observe the trends in society today, we see politicians, journalists, and entertainers openly expressing their support for feminism. Feminism has even begun to dominate the Black Liberation movement. In fact, the most prominent Black activist organization in the United States today, Black Lives Matter, was started by Feminists and many chapters inside and outside of the country are also ran by feminists.

The primary defender of global feminism is the Human Rights Code. Human nature has 2 sides; and conscience. Humans should operate using their conscience at all times but unfortunately, is an equal opposing force that humanity has struggled with since the other races began to mutate out of the original African race. In the beginning, Humans naturally congregated into groups, groups formed tribes, and tribes formed countries. The first leaders were Chiefs, Kings, Emperors, and Dictators.

They all operated by ideology to maintain social order through physical power, moral ethics, and religious beliefs. Unfortunately, with all their great influence on human activity, their power never stopped and could have never stopped the tremendous influence of in people because has always acted to distort conscience to the point that when democratic societies developed, societies still operate according to ideology instead of conscience.

In a truly conscientious society, women should not have to fight for the right to vote, to get an education, to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, or to wear whatever they want to wear in public. In most societies today women have to fight for these rights and more. Fortunately, the collective human has created the Human Rights Code in which anyone who is experiencing discrimination based on their gender can use the code to address inequity.

What humanity should be doing is promoting throughout all societies and in time, women will have no need for the comforts of organized Feminism. Women will use their conscience to dress with class and to not get into a situation that might create unwanted pregnancies. But let’s not pick on women because the responsibility of conscience is both men and women. 

Like males, the female psyche is created and germinates inside the womb. She develops a unique personality based on the genetic traits she inherits from her parents and from the influence of the outside world. Her personality is further shaped during childhood by the social ideologies of the society she grows in. Unfortunately, in most societies today, girls are thought that their self-worth will always be based on how desirable they are in the eyes of others.

The long-term indoctrinating effect of racism, pop culture, and desire dependency throughout most societies and even in predominantly Black countries, forces the Black female to recognize that she is the most undesirable female of all the races. Her existence then becomes a lifelong preoccupation with trying to fit in in order to achieve happiness while maintaining an acceptable level of personal well-being.

By adulthood most Black females have a ritual of tasks that they must perform in order to maintain their looks. They have to visit the hair dresser very often to perm the so called “nappiness” out their hair or to maintain their weaves and braids. They have to use a variety of cosmetics to hide dark spots, manage oily skin, or make their skin lighter and more acceptable in color. And they have to work hard at eating healthy and exercising to maintain their figure because unfortunately, due to genetics, Black women tend to store more fat than most other races.

A great number of Black women are adopting the new ideals of organized feminism because it is a semi-conscious backlash to all the crap they have endured throughout life. They are putting away the excessive make-up, they are growing their natural hair into afros and locks, and they are eating whatever they want and not watching their weight except in circumstances where their health is concerned. To them, Feminism is truly a liberating force.

At the point of embracing organized feminism as their guiding light to fight against social inequality, Black feminists are also choosing to go in two separate emotional directions while some are even going in both directions at the same time. They are embracing homosexuality and they are lashing out at the Black men. Black men and women have developed a love-hate relationship towards each other. This condition is mainly due to a general lack of racial pride on both sides.

The result is that a lot of Black feminists are blaming Black men for not recognizing their disposition in society. They blame Black men for being the first ones to attack their self-esteem for either being too Black in color or not pretty enough. Then they will blame the Black man for inspiring them to bleach their skin, ruin their hair with chemicals, ruin their bodies with implants, surgeries, and failed Butt injections. All in an attempt to compete against the white woman for the Black man’s attention.

On the other hand, some black feminists are embracing homosexuality even though they are not gay. Homosexuality is an aspect of human nature that Black people are refusing to understand due to our religious indoctrination and acquired biases. Understand that a gay person does not become gay by choice. They are born that way based on the hormones that their glands instinctively produce. This hormonal imbalance renders a gay person physically and emotionally attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex.

The thing that most biologists do not fully understand about gays and lesbians are the genetic catastrophes that effect glandular development during pregnancy, therefore ignorance about homosexuality will persists until we do. Homosexuality is the social classification of the same sex culture and lifestyle. People who are not born gay often engage in homosexual activity when their emotions are seduced or if they have developed sexual perversions. In the cases of some Black homosexual feminists, same sex relationships are developed out of a basic human need for affection.

Black women who have suffered rejection from men or are tired of the ways of Black men in general, have been engaging in self-love for decades. They have discovered that sexual gratification and satisfaction does not require a man. The only missing part was emotional attachment however, bolstered by the help of organized feminism, Black women are now turning to same sex relationships in greater numbers, which is also helping to fuel the rise of organized feminism as a social and political force.

Understanding the rise in Black Feminism requires open mindedness. There are those among us, both men and women, who feel threatened by Black women expressing their inherent right of gender equality. Guided by religious ideology, they say society is crumbling because men are being challenged for political power and men are being removed from the family unit leaving children to fall under the influence of crime and violence.

We all must understand that feminism is an inherent right based on gender, women will find affection among themselves based on the prerogatives of Life even when they are rejected by men. Even worse, when Black women are physically and emotionally abused, they will grow to hate Black men and will either turn to homosexuality or the white men, or they will work to destroy Black men under the veil of organized feminism.

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