Understanding African led blockchain projects – Irish Tech News

Today we speak with Careca Akarue, CEO of Eurufly, a blockchain ICO based out of Nigeria. We asked him about his work and interests in part I of an indepth interview on the man, his passion and how he came to Blockchain.

Tell me about your career/work prior to Eurufly – have you always been an entrepreneur?

I have more than 30 years experience in both social and business sectors. I pioneered pioneered various projects including being a founder of Liberty4Africa which is an International N.G.O., with a focus on Health, Youth Development & Renewable Energy.

Also, I was deeply involved in 7yrs pastoral duties, reaching out to lost, hopeless people with the gospel of Christ. I had to strike a balance in helping people with not just the word of hope and faith but providing a platforms that can…

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