Two African-American Jurors Disappear From Stanley Liggins Retrial

Two members of the jury in the murder retrial of Stanley Liggins were absent Tuesday from the courtroom in the Black Hawk County Courthouse in Waterloo, Iowa, where attorneys for Liggins rested their case.

Both missing jurors are African-American. Liggins, who is African-American, is charged with the murder of Jennifer Lewis, who was nine years old when her charred remains were found in a field near Jefferson Elementary School in Davenport on Sept. 17, 1990. Lewis was white.

The current trial is Liggins’ third, after two previous trials resulted in convictions that were eventually overturned by state courts.

Both the 1993 and 1995 trials of Liggins featured all-white juries. The current trial’s 15-member panel of 12 jurors and three alternates had included three African-Americans until…

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