Trump Thanked His Pal Kanye For Boosting His Approval Rating Among African-Americans

Between re-enacting the 2015 Paris terror attacks and describing a nameless London hospital as a blood-streaked “war zone,” President Trump took a minute during his speech at the NRA convention to thank his good buddy Kanye West for boosting his approval ratings among black voters.

“Kanye West must have some power because you probably saw I doubled my African American poll numbers. We went from 11 to 22 in one week,” said Trump. “Thank you, Kanye. Thank you. When I saw the number, I said, ‘That must be a mistake. How can that have happened?’ Even the pollsters thought that must be a mistake.”

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Putting aside Trump’s very reasonable skepticism that 22% of black voters would ever support him, there are some problems with his numbers. For one,…

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