Trump Appears To Invent Poll While Claiming That He Has 40 Percent Approval Rating Among African Americans

Did he just invent it?

Donald Trump has a known penchant for twisting facts, but does he invent them, too?

Trump tweeted on Sunday morning that he had a 40 percent approval rating among African Americans. He cited a “new Fox News poll” to validate his assertion.

“New Fox Poll shows a ’40 percent Approval Rating by African Americans for President Trump, a record for Republicans.’ Thank you, a great honor,” Trump tweeted.

But an investigation by journalists found that no such Fox News poll existed to corroborate Trump’s claim, according to Talking Points Memo.

“TPM found no evidence of poll results saying that. A Fox News poll released Oct. 17 showed 29 percent approval of the President among all non-white registered voters,…

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