Trini-run Pearl’s Caribbean featured on New York tv segment

Trinidadian Fallon Seymour is serving up Trini and Caribbean flavours at Pearl’s Caribbean, a colourful, cozy restaurant located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Here, you’re sure to get all of the foods you’re accustomed to back home in the Caribbean like bake and shark, crab and dumplin’, shrimp roti and jerk chicken.

The authentic Caribbean restaurant has been cast into the spotlight after being recently featured on a food segment, Food Adventure, which aired on American cable news television channel NY1.

Seymour named the restaurant after her grandmother, Pearl, whom she fondly referred to as “Pearlie”. Unsurprisingly, she credits her grandmother for her love of cooking.

The Trinidadian restaurant owner said she ensures that visitors to her restaurant are given the full…

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