Travel Texas Through the Important Milestones of Early African Americans

This summer we’re taking a look at interesting, odd, historic and just plain worth it road trips in and around the Lone Star State.

Estevanico, from northern Africa, was resourceful, intelligent and a survivor. Life gave him more than lemons but this victim of enslavement — first by the Portuguese and then by the Spanish — found himself on the Narváez expedition to colonize Florida in 1527.

The Spanish explorers did not fare well there, suffering numerous attacks by the Native Americans and unable to find the rumored gold. They slaughtered their horses and melted hardware for boats in an attempt to sail across the Gulf of Mexico, though they shipwrecked and washed ashore on Galveston Island. Out of the original 300 explorers, 80 survived and — after spending four years enslaved again,…

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