Tour company launches African tours for first time in decades

IT DIDN’T seem there was anywhere you couldn’t go — even places you’d never heard of — that you couldn’t visit on a Contiki tour.

When it celebrated its 55th birthday last year, the powerhouse tour company was taking 18 to 35-year-olds on trips to 60 countries across six continents, with 300 different itineraries and eight different types of tours.

Contiki tourists have been able to explore remote towns in Iceland, go deep into the Californian desert, circle around southern Sri Lanka, visit ancient cities in Japan, and go trekking in the jungles of Guatemala.

Those Contiki coaches could seemingly go anywhere. But there was a massive piece of the global puzzle missing.

And after hearing all the customer feedback, Contiki said it was finally plugging that gap: it was going to…

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