Toronto model of Haitian descent makes directorial debut

Abigail Whitney

Abigail Whitney, a Toronto model of Haitian descent, is at the centre of beauty company Sephora’s national campaign.

And the University of Toronto Theatre and Performing Arts student is not just having a moment with Sephora.

She is also having one on stage in her directorial debut of Les Frères (The Brothers), a production (performed in English) written by New York based artist Sandra A. Daley-Sharif that puts Whitney’s Haitian culture and the experience of many descendants of the African diaspora on stage.

Whitney is the first to get the approval from Daley-Sharif to mount Les Frères.

The play, running from November 29 to December 1 at the George Ignatieff Theatre, explores three Haitian brothers who are forced to deal with their family trauma…

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