Too many incompetent and thieving doctors and hospital staff, says Grenada PM

NEW YORK, USA — In a strange and disparaging address to a town hall meeting in Brooklyn, New York, last week while he was attending the United Nations General Assembly meeting, Grenada’s prime minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, speaking to an auditorium of Grenadian and Caribbean nationals, decried the level of stealing taking place in the local hospital by doctors, nurses and other support staff at the hospital.

The town hall meeting, which was supposed to be an update on the status of the election campaign commitment in March 2018 that universal healthcare for Grenada was on the way, Mitchell, flanked by minister for health, Nikolas Steele, nodding his head in agreement, said: “We could out 100 more doctors, 100 more nurses… and the… the mind-set of the people and the…

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