To You Hackers

Hackers, I know you’re suffering from the pain of Truth and need a root canal to rid Brain of the ignorant ideologies that clog your senses. Stop your devilish obsession that has you trying to hack this website. I’ll bet you don’t know really know why you are doing it.

The truth is you really cannot help yourself. You have been brainwashed by years of religious and racial ideology that has comforted your disconnection from the Truth of reality. Your Brain Cells lack the ability to regulate the overproduction of Serotonin that bathes them like waves bleach the sand at a ocean’s shore.

Your condition is called Desire Dependency and it is the inability to use your Conscience to override the Desires that facilitate the release of Dopamine iinto your Brain. The condition enhances unjust thinking such as racism, prejudice, and the presence of Truth in reality. Such Truths clash with the deceptions you function by which were all built on defective Ideologies about Life.

We don’t fear you. The Dohgon have been dormant for too long but your efforts to silence Truth give us the motivation to rise again like Osiris. You can knock this site offline but we will build 10 more. We will be like the flowers that grow out of the desert sand and desolate places. Know that Life always finds a way to prevail through adversity.