Tigers’ Coach Chris Bosio Reportedly Rebuffed a Chance to Apologize –  Deadline Detroit

Chris Bosio (Tigers photo)

Former Tigers pitching coach Chris Bosio, fired Wednesday for allegedly calling a young African American clubhouse attendant a “monkey,” declined an opportunity to apoligize to the employee, reports The Athletic, a sports news site.

Bosio told USA Today that the remark was directed at a white pitcher. But the new report by Ken Rosenthal and Katie Strang contradict Bosio’s claims.

Citing four unnamed sources, the report says Bosio called the African American attendant “this monkey here” while he was collecting towels from the coaches’ room during a post-game gripe session.

Bosio made a derogatory comment about one of the Tigers pitchers and then gestured toward the attendant before adding, “like this monkey here,” the sources said. The…

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