This South African travelled the world filming over 400 strangers dancing – and became a sensation

  • South African filmmaker Miklas Manneke’s video of over 400 people dancing across the globe went viral on social media.
  • Manneke started the project after impulsively asking someone to dance for him while in China.

An impulse decision in China led to a two-year journey around the globe as South African filmmaker Miklas Manneke filmed people dancing.

The culmination of the project, a YouTube video posted March, has since gathered over 13,000 views.

“While exploring Beijing, I was filming someone on my iPhone. I randomly yelled out, ‘Can you dance for me?’ and without hesitation, he was dancing in the middle of a crowd,” Manneke told Business Insider South Africa. 

“It was almost infectious and everyone started smiling. I think it was about that momentary connection with a…

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