This South African super-strong brick is made from human urine

Dr Dyllon Randall and civil engineering honour student Vukheta Mukhari and civil engineering masters student Suzanne Lambert with the “bio bricks” made from human urine they produced (supplied, Robyn Walker)

  • The world’s first ‘bio brick’ made from human urine has been unveiled at the University of Cape Town. 
  • The bricks are made in moulds at room temperature – better for the environment.
  • Chemically speaking, urine is “liquid gold”. 

The world’s first ‘bio-brick’ made from human urine was unveiled by University of Cape Town (UCT) civil engineering masters student Suzanne Lambert on Wednesday. 

Bricks made from urine were previously tested in the United States in 2010, but made use of a synthetic solution.

Dr Dyllon Randall, Lambert’s supervisor and senior…

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