This Performance Artist Wants to Know What You Think of Her

Conceptual artist Adrian Piper spent the last 60 years of her career challenging social norms through her work. In 1970, a 22-year-old Piper slathered the words “WET PAINT” onto a sheet of paper and wrapped it around her white shirt and baggy jeans. Dressed in her makeshift costume, she stood on a New York City street as passers-by reacted. This scene became the subject of Catalysis III, one of Piper’s best-known photographic series. Piper has since produced hundreds of paintings, drawings, photographs, and multimedia works exploring preconceptions of race and gender and addressing themes like xenophobia and social engagement.

This Saturday, more than 290 of Piper’s works will go on display at the MoMA in “Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of…

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