This African Super Grain Could Solve Famine and Drought (Plus It’s Gluten-Free)

Last July, a Whole Foods store in New York’s Harlem decided to stock bags of fonio, a West African grain similar to couscous. The first shipment sold out in three hours. Just last week, Los Angeles Lakers forward Luol Deng hosted a fonio party at his home. It’s the hottest grain you’ve never eaten.

Steam-cooked fonio.

Photographer: PhotoCuisine RM/Alamy

‘We’re so ready for fonio to go to the next level,” said Noah Levine, the chief marketing officer at Yolélé Foods, a company attempting to create the first global supply chain for the grain.

It’s a bit of a challenge. Currently, fonio is grown throughout rural Senegal and similarly impoverished pockets of Africa’s Sahel region, a sub-Saharan stripe that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea….

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