‘These wounds will never heal.’ Why some African-Americans are skeptical about the new investigation into Emmett Ti…

More than six decades later, the wounds from Till’s brutal death still sting, said Pierson, a family therapist from California.

Till was 14 when he was killed, the same age as many members of the youth group Pierson and her colleagues led through the museum.

“I see Emmett Till, and I see someone who could easily be one of our kids,” said Erica Smith, who was part of the group, G1 ministries from Inglewood, California, who made the trek to the nation’s capital.

Justice officials have declined to elaborate or explain what new information has been discovered. Both of Till’s accused killers have died.

The exhibit dedicated to Till occupies an almost sacred space at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It’s tucked into a small corner of the section showing life in the Jim…

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