The Stallion-Riding Princess Who Saved an African Empire | Flashback

A simple cabin, somewhere in West Africa’s vast savanna. A beautiful horse stands outside, patiently waiting for its owner. Inside, there are two people. A humble man, living off the land — and a princess. They have only just met, and it was love. Instantly. Their encounter will mark the birth of a great ruling family. How did it all happen? Like this:

The 12th-century king of the Dagomba empire, which was in present-day northern Ghana, wanted an heir to the throne. But he had only one child — a girl. Since no one would be able to continue his royal line once he was gone, he decided to teach his daughter everything he knew, and that included how to ride horses, how to attack, how to defeat an enemy …

Yennenga. She is a heroine for an entire people, the much-admired icon…

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