The nine times Cornwall could have been mistaken for the Caribbean this week

It is fair to say we have had it pretty good in Cornwall in June – the weather has not only been dry but it has also been sunny and even very hot over the past week.

The British summer is, as we all know, is always unpredictable but so far let’s face it we have been living in a place that gives the Caribbean a run for its money.

Temperatures have been soaring to nearly 30C over the past few days with Bude tending to be the hottest and seeing temperatures of 29C.

As a result people living here in Cornwall have been able to make the most of our beautiful surroundings and when not in work feel like we are on a mini holiday.

With crystal clear water, bright blue skies, warm sea and balmy temperatures there has been a better place to be.

Sadly it looks like the weather will deteriorate a little…

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