The myth of mass African migration to Europe

Another day, another slight from Emmanuel Macron. This time the French president told Nigerians, during an official trip to Lagos at the end of last week, that Africa’s youth needed to get over colonialism. He said the problem of African migration to Europe was due to the unplanned population growth on the continent.

When it comes to infantilising Africa, Macron is a serial offender. Exactly a year ago, he said Africa’s problems were civilisational.

Despite the quiver in my fingertips to go after Macron, the column is not about him. He suffers from a Napoleon complex: scrawny, relatively short and wants to make France relevant again.

Another rant is not going to dislodge his supremacist views.

Instead, I want to address the mythical views that Macron’s ilk continue to infer and…

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