The legacy of Stan Lee: ‘Marvel let us dream’

Last year was a big year for Marvel Entertainment and also a sad one. The company’s megahit film, “Black Panther,” was a smash with critics at the box office, but the company also lost one of its giants this year: Stan Lee. Lee died in November at the age of 95.

Among those hit by the loss was Selwyn Seyfu Hinds. Hinds is a screenwriter and a comic book scribe. He’s also the former editor of the hip-hop magazine, The Source. The World spoke to him about Lee’s legacy and influence. 

The World: Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, you grew up in Guyana, and it sounds like, as a kid, the playground of your primary school was kind of the center of your universe. What was it like?

Selwyn Seyfu Hinds: You know, that’s a great description. This is a Caribbean country in the ’70s, and all of our activity was outside….

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