The HERU Interface


Many people who eat from the tree of knowledge eventually become conflicted with religion. It’s not a strange predicament. After all, Dohgon Spirituality reveals that knowledge divided by understanding produces wisdom.

They say true wisdom is the understanding of god but the only understanding of god I get from religion wes deep insight into human behavior. If you are a Humanist that’s fine but existence cannot be defined through the understanding of human nature. What about the rest of Life, the Elements, and the Forces that holds everything together?

Religion talks about miracles and wonders but not about how they happen. When we begin to understand and perform wonders ourselves we begin to realize that perhaps religion is just a cheap magician’s trick to enslave our minds. In gazing at the stars trying to see heaven we’ve learned much about the sun, moon, and stars and we can now track comets that return every two to three hundred years. We’ve even learned about biology and can manipulate Life itself.

The #1 Problem with humanity is that human nature needs an operating system to control our Senses. Every indigenous tribe no matter how isolated they were had a set of morals and ideals to direct their consciousness. Religion is just glorified morals and ideals with an unseen god set as its overseer. Religion becomes a problem however, when we don’t understand it and we use it to destroy Life.

Science is a great comforter but if we are not morally grounded we will use it to destroy Life quicker than Religion. Human consciousness has become so rich with knowledge that we are able to turn back and analyze where we came from but even Evolution recognizes that Life had to begin somewhere. Perhaps someday science will reach beyond the Primordial Soup that they say is the genesis of DNA.

Are you frustrated with your religion because it doesn’t provide the answers to Life that you seek? Know that religion is simply a moral interface or operating system for human nature. It was not meant to control your entire consciousness. Religion reminds us how to treat each other but why do we need an overseer for that? Conscious people should be able to love and respect other people in their pursuit of happiness.

Are you an Atheist that is frustrated with the direction of humanity? Consider this; a long time ago in a place that was once considered the center of the world there lived a people who developed their senses so keenly that they were able to recognize an unseen entity living within and among them. They named the entity ANKH and created a symbol for it. They did not worship it; instead, they honored the powerful ways in which it manifested itself in the world around them.

I am Ankh. You are Ankh. Every living thing on Earth is Ankh. It’s time to recognize and respect Life again. It’s time to replace the religious ideologies that corrupt human consciousness and induce us into exploiting nature as well as to hate and kill each other. It’s time for a new interface for human consciousness. It’s time for the HERU Interface.