The forgotten groundnut pyramids of Nigeria, the one-time pride of the West African nation

You can call them Nigerians’ first love. Built in northern cities such as Kano, Malam Madori and Bebeji from the 1910s, they were pyramid-like structures made from groundnut sacks that towered up towards the sky, offering splendour similar to the Egyptian pyramids.

In the 1960s and 70s, these pyramids reached their peak as people could find rows and rows of such huge structures, sometimes holding as much as 15,000 full bags at collection fields, an article on Connect Nigeria said.

Groundnut pyramids. Pic credit:

The city of Kano and other areas in the north were then witnessing a boost in economic and commercial activities and locals engaged in various crafts from dyeing, tanning, weaving and embroidery. From the late 1950s, these cities experienced a…

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