Gaddafi Cycle Completed

WikiImages / Pixabay

So the world is now rid of yet another out of touch with reality tyrant. Good for humanity I say, but is it good for AfRAka? Those who secretly funded the uprising to eliminate him are no doubt salivating at the thought of all that oil still deep under the desert sand. It wont be long before big business with the help of their political puppets move in and set up shop.

For those who can remember, 40 years ago Gaddafi came to power in much the same way as he went out, through revolution. It was an uprising driven by the have-not, dis-enfranchised, lower class people of a up and coming oil super power. Back then, as now we see that when the masses desire change not even Tanks and Rockets can keep them down.

The “Arab Spring” as it is called will continue to change the political and social landscape of the middle east for decades to come. At present the direction of that change is yet to be determined. I predict that this is just the end of a cycle and another will start. The people will experience a sense of joy and freedom.

Then they will become comfortable because their leaders will pacify their wants while selling out their country’s resources to capitalist foreign businesses. When the people eventually wake up and realize that they are being exploited once again another revolution will take place and another revolutionist will rise. That leader will win back the country in the name of socialism but in time will become just another greedy dictator.

The push and pull of the fabric woven by the wants and desires of people will only create violent waves. The fabric cannot be torn.