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By Kristina Hinds

Dr. Kristina Hinds is a lecturer in Political Science and International Relations at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

Editor’s Note: This week we also carry a poem, titled “News of the Woman, 3” written specially for IWD 2018 by Guyanese elder Eusi Ruramai Kwayana:

No news of you, Tchaiko, is not good news

There is news of sisters under powers

that as in Slavery-time, to speak plainly,

have been treated like mindless protoplasms with no faculty of consent

like bottles of liquor to be consumed by males with power or fame

posing as human  

but are in fact a diverse clan  

who are one in this  

whether White or Black or Yellow or Brown

That they regard their flaring desire for the eye-stalked woman 

of no power to be sparked by her dutiful consent

and by this…

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