The African Chieftain Tour That Saved Botswana | Flashback

As an enthusiastic ally of the British, Khama III, chief of the Bangwato people and a committed Christian, didn’t think twice when Cecil Rhodes asked for assistance in defeating Khama’s sworn enemies, the Amandebele.

It was only after the successful campaign, when Rhodes branded Khama a coward in his own kgotla (court) for not wiping out the Amandebele, that Khama realized “he was next, and Rhodes wasn’t like the other Brits,” says Neil Parsons, author of King Khama, Emperor Joe and the Great White Queen.

Two years later, in 1895, Khama and two other Botswana dikgosi (chiefs) upset Rhodes’ imperial game plan by deploying an improbable tactic: a PR tour of Britain.

Thanks in no small part to the efforts of the three chiefs, Bechuanaland was spared…

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