The 10-Member Bixiga 70 Put Their Own Funky Spin on African and Brazilian Music « Bandcamp Daily

Photo by José de Holanda

When the 10 eventual members of Brazilian instrumental collective Bixiga 70 first came together, in October 2010, they swore a twofold manifesto.

First, the project was to be completely democratized: every band member would have a say in the process, and songs weren’t considered finished until the resulting work felt like a unique expression of each individual musician; to that end, the music would be entirely free of vocals, showcasing the band’s talents horizontally so as to elevate each player to an equal role. The group’s second goal was to focus their music on the interplay between African and Brazilian sounds, highlighting the way these two regional musical dialects are knottily tangled, and, in many ways, inseparable.

Baritone saxophonist and flautist…

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