THATS LIFE: The ‘good’ African woman must die

Growing up, I was taught that a “good” woman did not speak. Demure to a fault, she only used her voice in hushed tones, usually when she was spoken to.

A “good” woman was one who kept her virginity when all others were losing it. A “good” woman got an education but she was not too educated to threaten the men in her life and reduce her chances of getting married. If she got too educated, she might become rebellious too, and she would be a handful for her husband. And that was definitely not a good thing.

Some of my friends were told that a “good” woman was one who was circumcised, to tame her worldly lusts. Others were told that a “good” woman got married young, even as young as 12 years , and stayed married regardless of how abusive that marriage was. My mother insisted…

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