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How Black People Can Prevent and Treat Diabetes

how to prevent diabetes

Next to Heart Disease and Cancer, Diabetes is one of the top killers of Black people. In America, Diabetes is 60% more common in black Americans than in white Americans. This means that Diabetes is has to do with lifestyle more than genetics, therefore it is 100% preventable. This article provides information on how Black people can prevent and/or treat Diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

The medical term for Diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus. It is the most common Pancreatic disease but it’s only one of the many diseases that’s associated with the pancreas. Other Pancreas diseases are; High Blood Pressure, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Arthritis, Infertility, Senile Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

What causes Diabetes Mellitus?

Short answer: concentrated sweeteners flood the Pancreas and the Pancreas is not able to deal with concentrated sweetness so it collapses, resulting in Diabetes Mellitus. In other words, Diabetes Mellitus is the result of eating a high rate of Synthetic Carbohydrates such as White Sugar, Bleach White Flour, and White Potatoes. Honey and other concentrated sweeteners. These substances stress the pancreas when the Pancreas tries to get rid of the Carbohydrates by breaking them down to make sugar out of them.

The process involves the use of Insulin, which is a hormone that is made by the pancreas and Glucagon, which is another hormone. Insulin brings the sugar rate down while Glucagon brings the sugar rate up. When we eat a whole lot of Carbohydrates, which are mostly processed, it causes the Pancreas to try to bring the body’s sugar level down by squirting out Insulin. Eventually our body loses its ability to produce Insulin or recognize sugar when it’s in our blood.

Why is Sugar dangerous to our health?

White Sugar is a dehydrating food that starves the body. That is because in order to make White Sugar, Industry has to take out all the fiber, all the vitamins and minerals, and all the water that comes inside the Sugar Cane or Sugar Beets. When you eat white sugar, your body naturally tries to put back the water, the vitamins and minerals, and the Fiber that was originally in the Sugar Cane or Beet before it was processed.  

Your body then strips the moisture from your Cells causing Nerve to get damaged and fall apart. Eventually, what you’ll end up with is Senile Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, nerve damage related diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, and Lupus. Rheumatism and Arthritis are also caused by Sugar pulling the moisture out of the Nerves in your joints and muscles.

Sugar also pulls the moisture out of the Eyes causing the nerves in the eyes fall apart. You end up becoming blind. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in Black people and it also taxes the Kidneys because all the sugar goes through the Kidneys. The Kidneys try to dilute these concentrated sweeteners and loses its ability to dilute so you end up on Dialysis.  

How to prevent and /or treat Diabetes Mellitus

The simple answer is to get Sugar out of our diet but how can we do that when almost every food item on the market today is made using concentrated sweeteners? The solution involves using three techniques; exercising Self Discipline, changing your diet, and using a Step-Down process.

The first thing you must do to avoid suffering from Diabetes Mellitus is to consciously cut down on your Sugar intake. Change your Diet to eating foods with less refined Sugars. Eat as much natural unprocessed foods as you can and drink a lot of Water.

The next thing you must do is a little research to determine the different Sweeteners on the market and how they affect your health. Avoid foods made with certain alternative sweeteners like Aspartame and Nutra Sweet. Both are dangerous because they could cause Nervous system damage leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. What you want to do is to wean yourself of Sugar step by step by going from White Sugar to Brown Sugar to Honey and then to a sweet leaf called Stevia but eventually getting away from white sugar is the objective.

Finally, you must be self-determined to stick to the process. Sugar is a pleasure chemical that our Brain naturally craves in order to facilitate happiness. Natural Sugars once provided all the nutrients and pleasures we needed and craved but unfortunately, now that the Food industry is refining Sugar and creating new types of Sugars, excessive amounts of these Sugars have become extremely detrimental to our physical health.

Practice Sugar moderation, eat natural foods, and avoid processed manufactured forms of Sugars, and your chances of developing Diabetes Mellitus will become dramatically reduced.    

The History Of Black People In Nova Scotia, Canada

Black Loyalists

As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, the contribution of Black people in helping to shape Canadian history must never be overlooked. This brief synopsis of the history of Black people in Nova Scotia was therefore put together to mark this special iteration of Black History Month in Canada. For a more concise account please consult the Nova Scotia Black Culture Society.

Originally designated by the British and sought out by many free Blacks as well as run away slaves as a place of refuge, Nova Scotia turned out not to be a very friendly place for Black people. They made it a home however and through the resilience of their AfRAkan Spirit, are still proud residents today.

It has been determined by historical accounts that Black people of AfRAkan descent have been living in the Province of Nova Scotia since the early 1700s as either French servants or trade workers. However, much of the details of their lives were not properly documented. It was only after the English took over from the French in 1763 that records of the arrival of other Black people started to appear in public records

Those records show that several hundred Black people migrated to Nova Scotia in the 1760s along with a group of white settlers known as Planters. The Planters were a large group of settlers who came from New England after the British gained control over Nova Scotia from the French in 1763. The British gave the Planters free land in order to populate the vast expanses of empty territory so that the land did not fall back into the hands of the French.

20 years later, between 1783 and 1785 over 3,000 Black people came in as part of the Loyalist migration from the United States. The Loyalists were settlers who were loyal to Britain during the War Of Independence. The Loyalists were mostly White but also included many of their slaves, former slaves and indentured servant Blacks who had joined in the war after being promised freedom by the British.

Most of the Black Loyalists began their journey from camps in New York City. After the War of Independence the Loyalists feared retaliation from the Americans so the British decided to grant them help by relocating them to other areas of the British Empire. The Americans fearing that other slaves who did not fight in the war would also seek freedom along with the Loyalists so they ordered the British to compile a list of all the Black people who had helped them in the war so that they could expel them from America.

The British compiled an extensive list of Black Loyalists and their families which was then compiled into a book known as The Book Of Negroes. Only 3 copies of the book exists and contain all the surnames of the Black Loyalists who left New York for Europe, England, Africa, and Nova Scotia. Original copies of the book can be found in Washington, England and Nova Scotia.

Upon arriving in Nova Scotia, the Black Loyalists were scattered by the British throughout numerous towns and villages in the territory. The Black Loyalists attempted to integrate into existing communities but found out very quickly that they were not welcome, not even by their fellow white Loyalists who still saw them as inferior and not deserving of the opportunity to pursue a life of unbridled freedom.

The Black Loyalists created their own settlements and segregated communities but without sufficient farmland of their own they had to depend on white settlers for their survival. This put them at odds with whites who threatened and harassed them constantly. Fed up with their situation, the Black settlers directed their anger toward the British for reneging on their promises to give each Black family a plot of land of their own. However, several years of complaining only resulted in a few of the high-ranking former Black solders getting land of their own. 

Eventually, the Black Loyalists managed to gather up enough financial support to send representatives to England to plead their case directly the monarchy. Unfortunately, in England their petition fell on deaf ears but while there the representatives had a chance encounter with a contingent of Afrakans from Sierra Leon, West Afraka. The Afrakan representative sympathized with the plight of the Black Loyalists and promised to provide land for them in Sierra Leon; all the Loyalists had to do was secure their own transportation.

The Black Loyalists then presented another proposal to the British Monarchy and the Monarchy agreed to send ships to transport all the Black Loyalists who wanted to leave Nova Scotia and go to Sierra Leon. Back in Nova Scotia, the thought of going back to Afraka was mixed. Some welcomed the chance to return to their true homeland and some hated the idea. Subsequently, a large percentage of the Black Loyalists made their way to Sierra Leon in 1793.

Seven years later, in the year 1800 another group of Black people known as the Maroons also relocated to Sierra Leon from Nova Scotia. The Maroons were former Afrakans originally brought to the island of Jamaica as slaves but who had escaped off the plantations to live in the mountains and caves of the Island. The name Maroon is thought to have originated from the Moors, an Arab influenced cultural and religious group that once dominated North-West Afraka. 

In Jamaica, the Maroons had formed Guerrilla groups that became a serious threat to the stability of the Island’s economy. They raided plantations on a regularly basis and assisted other slaves to escape and join their ranks. After years of being embarrassed by the Maroons the British recruited Maroon spies then successfully captured the top Maroon leader resulting in the surrender of the largest group of Maroons.

The British then decided to relocate most of the captured Maroons off the Island in order to diminish the threat of reprisal. So in 1796 they shipped 550 Maroons to Nova Scotia. Most of the rebellious group of men, women and children were settled in the township of Preston. After a few years, most of the Maroons found jobs as builders and laborers but they never got along with the other Blacks.

The Maroons had different religious practices and customs than the Black Loyalists who were a mixture of various denominations of Christianity. Subsequently, the Maroon demand that the British send them back to AfRAka. The British agreed and in the year 1800 most of them were boarded onto ships and sent to Sierra Leone.

From 1812 to 1816, the last major influx of Black people entered Nova Scotia. They came during and after The War of 1812 between the US and Canada, which was still a British colony at the time. This was the war in which the White House was disrespectfully burned down by the Canadian forces. The war was a terrible loss for the United States but it enabled thousands of former slaves to escape into Canada.

The British again offered Blacks freedom and land in Canada for helping them during the war and thousands of Blacks accepted the offer. This new group of free and former slaves moved into Windsor, Ontario and Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia, they settled in the Halifax areas of Preston, Hammonds Plains, Beechville, Porter’s Lake, and Lucasville Road.

Throughout the period of their arrival in Nova Scotia up until slavery officially ended in the United States, Black people lived under the constant fear of being kidnapped by slave hunters and re-sold back into slavery in the US. Slave hunters often roamed the forests and coastlines of Nova Scotia on foot or in boats searching for Black people to could capture and earn a bounty on.

After slavery officially ended and Black people felt at ease to pursue their dreams they were still routinely exploited as cheap laborers. In the early 1900s, when the Coal Industry in Nova Scotia wanted to undercut the wages that Black labor unions built up, they recruited immigrants from the West Indies. Those West Indian communities still survives to the present day in Whitney Pier, Glace Bay and New Waterford, Porter’s Lake, and the Lucasville Road, as well as the Windsor area.

Racial tensions between Blacks and whites in Nova Scotia made headlines time after time throughout the 1900s. One famous incident happened in 1945 when Viola Desmond, a Black entrepreneur was arrested and thrown in jail for deliberately dis-obeying the whites-only sign in a movie theater. The incident sparked riots in Nova Scotia at the time but it was nothing compared to a similar act of civil disobedience by Rosa Parks, which occurred 10yrs later in the United States. That incident was seen as the spark of the American Civil Rights movement.

Black people of Nova Scotia have never laid down to racism and discrimination. They have fought injustice every time, especially when the government tries to bulldoze or relocate Black historical settlements for commercial or modern development purposes. They’re treated like the Native Indians; they get abused, disrespected, and mistreated then only get apologies, not compensation for the injustices they have to endure.

Even so, Black Nova Scotians are proud of their deep and rich history. Many have risen to prominence within Canadian society in Politics, Education, Business, and Law. Today, people of Afrakan descent are continuing to immigrate to Nova Scotia, which ensure that Black people will continue to maintain a strong influence on Canada’s East Coast.


Basic Principles of Black consciousness

Black History Month

What are the basic principles of Black consciousness?

The basic principles of Black consciousness are principles that pertain to a Black or Afrakan persons racial awakening. These principles enforce and encourage an internal desire to improve one’s self in the knowledge of one’s race, culture, and the pitfall of the world in which we exist. They also encourage a desire to respect, protect, and uplift the Black Afrakan race so that we, as a race can demand respect from other members of the human family and not remain people who are seen as weak push-overs who can be easily taken advantage of without consequence.  

Consciousness is the state of being self-aware. Black Consciousness therefore is the state of being aware of one’s race and its condition relative to other races. Unconscious Black people do not recognize that the Black and Afrakan race is despised and under attack. They exist in a fairy tale believing that a god made them to suffer at the hands of other Races. They endure by Faith believing that a reward awaits them in the afterlife.

Semi-conscious Black people do realize that the Black race is hated so they either try their best to assimilate with other races culturally and genetically or rely on Human Rights Laws to protect them. A very small percentage of Black people are actually conscious. We take pride in our racial identity and seek ways to preserve our blackness. All Black conscious people may not be universally unified in our principles but I’m sure that we’re more similar than different. Dohgon Spirituality and the HERU Interface employs these six basic principles of Black consciousness.

0) Honor and Respect our Afrakan ancestry and our ancestors

Anthropology states that there are 5 distinct races in the world today, all of which originated from the original Afrakan race. The fact that Afrakans still exist is proof that we are the Carbon copy and not the Blueprint for other races as they would like us to believe. In other words, they did not evolve from the original; they genetically mutated from us as a result of our own unaccountable behaviors and developed environmental adaptations.

Today, the cultures and systems that some have created to maintain psychological control over humanity have got most people believing that Nirvana is the ultimate goal and fading to white physically and mentally is the only way to achieve real happiness. As conscious minded people we need to resist popular culture and return to our own traditions. That involves honoring and respecting our Afrakan ancestors and our ancestry.

One of the most egregious things we’ve witnessed so far from unconscious Black people is the belief that they are anything but Afrakan. In many parts of the world including America, there are Black dummies who are claiming to be Hispanic, Arabs, Hebrews and even Native American. They have no expertise to determine their own origin so they rely on hatred of self, religious ideology, or fake history to comfort their ignorance. Even when genetic DNA tests prove their Afrakan origins they dismiss it claiming the white man is deceiving them.

1) Value Your Genetic characteristics

Afrakans have the most noticeable genetic characteristics of all the races. Our skin tones range from black to golden brown, our hair can be kinky course or soft and wavy and our physical features include thick lips, broad noses, and a strong physique. Although other races admire us for our athletic prowess, they despise us for wanting to compete for the same things in life that they do.

Unfortunately, the indoctrinating effect of popular culture has had a detrimental effect on our racial pride and self-esteem. The result is our people no longer value our physical genetic characteristics. Most of our women now either wear hair from other races or burn the kink out of their own hair with chemicals. Both Black men and women are either trying to bleach the blackness out of their skin or reproducing with other races to ensure their children will have an easier go at life.

We don’t blame them. We know they’ve been indoctrinated into the “survival of the fittest” mentality of popular culture so that’s all they know. Once they begin to accept and value their Afrakan genetic characteristics they will begin to experience a new sense of racial pride. They will begin to look in the mirror and exclaim, “Black is beautiful”.

2) Increase your Awareness

Society is being flooded with deceptions and misinformation for many purposes; the most dangerous of which is to keep Black people from achieving our true potential in life. We can become geniuses because no other race has a direct connection to the abstract energy of the universe as we do through our Pineal Glands. Most of us don’t know that and they will never tell you because most of them also don’t know it.

Those in power control the world by luck because their pursuit of happiness created conditions in their Brains that shifted their psyche outward. That means that in order to achieve happiness they have to acquire things from the outside world. We call it being Right Brained or Desire Dependent. In such a condition, they thrive on conquest, power, and self-righteousness. 

Indigenous people all over the world have struggled to keep up with the European, simply because we had to adapt their ways in order to survive their conquest. Unfortunately, in the process most of us have become corrupt, unethical and self-destructive. Our societies are digressing both from internal corruption and outside psychological, economic, and biological sabotage. Don’t think that it’s a co-incidence that crime, sexual perversion, and drug addiction is so prevalent in our communities. 

Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought teaches that we are Creative while they are Innovative because true creativity comes from the abstract universe while innovation comes from manipulating thing already in existence. Increasing your awareness involves gaining knowledge about how society and the world works but most of all, it means gaining knowledge about how our own brains works. Learn about the Eye of Heru and your Senses so you can transform from a reactionary person to a truly conscious, self-disciplined, and balanced person who functions by your Mind and not your Brain. In time we will become so self-disciplined that we will begin to regain the intuition skills of our ancestors.

3) Choose Spirituality over Religion

Afrakan Spirituality existed long before religion. In fact, it was Afrakan Spirituality that others used to create religions. Now they say their religions are real and civilized while Afrakan Spirituality is primitive and occult. Well, we have news for them. Believing in unseen people in the clouds is more occult than believing in the energies that drive the wind, heat the Earth, and energize metals. We call these energies Spirits but they are unseen forces that animate living and non-living things by flowing through them.

Afrakan Spirituality is an extension of our Animistic nature. Animism means to live in accord with nature; respect nature and recognize that no part of nature is more important than the next. In doing so our ancestors attributed separate Spirits to things such as Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Unfortunately, we began to made Idols to represent the Spirits. Then we began to worship those Idols and depend on them to solve our problems and to enrich our lives through our various unnatural desires.

We attributed all good things to our good idols such as the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars and we attributed evil to all our bad idols making them responsible for such things as Death, Thunder and Lightning, Volcanoes, Storms, and even dangerous Animals. Eventually single idols for good and evil replaced our multiple idols. Our idols also became more powerful when we gave them superior moral judgement over every aspect of our lives which was the genesis of modern religions.

Conscious people must recognize that gods and devils are Illusions but if you cannot escape religion then use it for Goodwill and not self-servitude. Goodwill is the magnetic force behind religion. Unfortunately, most people including religious leaders don’t know this. They think that when someone does good it is because an invisible god is guiding that person and when someone does evil it’s because that person is being manipulated by a devil. In reality, the two forces responsible for good and evil are Conscience and Desire.  

Conscience is an internal force that is generated by the Spiritual energy of the universe acting on the Soul of a living being. We can choose to listen to our conscience or we can ignore it using ideology but the more we listen the stronger it becomes. Conscience generates goodwill, empathy, care, and concern. Care and concern encouraging fairness, equity, and accountability in our interactions with others.

Desire on the other hand, is a self-serving force that is generated by the Life entity within us. Life’s primary goals are self-preservation and universal awareness and in exchange, Life provides happiness. That is why our daily activities are centered around a constant pursuit of happiness. And without the balancing effect of a strong conscience, our desires quickly corrupt our character making us selfish, uncaring, unethical, and even evil people.      

4) Support Black Financial Empowerment

One of the best ways to improve the Black Afrakan race is to work on becoming financially independent and empowered. Financial empowerment involves good personal money management as well as the support of Black owned businesses and companies. We exist in a Capitalist world but most of us don’t really know how Capitalism works and because of our Animistic nature we keep fighting for Socialism (economic equality). That along with systemic racism is the essence of Black financial dependence.

Capitalism was born out of the basic exchange of goods, services, and labor (slavery) for money. Today it’s become a complex system optimized by unbalanced economic conditions, which means it works best when everyone is not on the same level financially. It even becomes more effective by psychological manipulation in the form of consumerism. That is the state of black society today; poor discontent consumers driven by the belief that acquiring physical things will make us happy. The only positive is it keeps the economy in motion.

Since we’ll never change the political systems in society unless we run our own country, we’ll have to learn to make Capitalism work for us. Start in schools by learning how to create businesses instead of learning how to become good workers for someone else. Learn how to save your money and invest it wisely. Avoid credit and debt that put you in financial slavery to the Banks. Support Black owned businesses locally and nationally.

Important in our quest for financial independence is to avoid bad-minded thoughts that may tell you that you’re making another Black person rich while you’re poor. It took thousands of years to create our present condition so it cannot change overnight.

5) Promote Black Consciousness

Conscious Black people should always defend, protect and promote black consciousness, whether it’s under attack from other races or our own ignorant and self-destructive people. It’s not easy to swim against the current of popular culture so those of us who do need all the support we can get. Recognize that there are different levels of Black consciousness. Some black people are just waking up while some have been awake for years. Some of us are more political, militant or spiritual than others but as long as the goal is the upliftment of the black race then we’re all on the same wavelength.

Never support anyone or anything that destroys our race. That includes shunning black people who dismiss the problems within our race and side with the biased ideologies of others because it makes them acceptable. Always confront racism discrimination and injustice in society but also confront violence, gangsterism and all other unethical behaviors of black people in our own communities.

Recognize that black consciousness is not immune from corruption. There will always be people who will jump on the bandwagon when something is popular or profitable. It’s just the mechanisms of life working its magic. If you don’t know what real black consciousness is you might become disgruntled and disillusioned with those who profess to be conscious leaders. Black consciousness is not about seeking idols to follow. It’s about self-improvement first, then allowing your mind to accept what makes sense or you will quickly be led down the path of cultism. Once you find your truth, it’s your duty to promote black consciousness so that the general level of black consciousness may also rise.


Whether you’re on the continent of Afraka or in the diaspora these 6 basic principles of Black consciousness are essential principles to uphold. Always honor and respect your Afrakan ancestry and the ancestors, value your genetic characteristics, increase your awareness by gaining knowledge, choose Spirituality over religion, support Black financial empowerment, and always promote true Black consciousness. This is the only way that we as a people will rise above colonial influence and the indoctrinating effects of popular culture.

Finally; always listen to your conscience. It is giving you the mental strength and Self-discipline you need to persevere through the ethically corrupt reality others have created and now thrive in. We cannot survive living under the Sea, neither can Fishes survive living on land. This is due to environmental adaptations. Our apathy has allowed others to create a social environment that is detrimental to our survival unless we are determined to define our own existence as a Race.    

Afrakan Or African, Which One Are You?

Afrakan or African

Afrakan or African, which one are you?

Academia has chosen the term Negroid to classify the AfRAkan race however, several other unofficial names are being used including; Black, Nubian, and African. All these terms refer to the indigenous inhabitants of the continent known as Africa and their direct descendants. Although physically diverse, the indigenous people of Africa are racially connected by way of key genetic characteristics.

So, when someone uses the word African to refer to a Nigerian, a South African, or a Kenyan they are referring to the race rather than that person’s nationality or tribe. When someone uses the terms Negro, Black, or Nubian to refer to an Afro-American, a Afro-West Indian, a Afro-Latino, or a Afro-English person they are referring to the race and not the nationality of that person.

Do you know what the word Africa means? Did we give ourselves that definition? One of the most valuable things that a person can possess next to a good education is a strong personal identity. One has to be very careful therefore to ensure that you are the one that defines your own identity instead of someone else defining it for you.

Dohgons have defined our identity as AfRAkan and while the term may appear similar it is unlike the words African or Afrikaan in that it has a meaning that is defined by us and not European colonizers. AfRAka means First-Sun-Soul.

Af means first, as in the first humans on the planet. Many so called historians would like to white-wash history but they know that once they do their foundation will be pulled out from beneath their feet. Therefore the only direction that they can take is to rely on false concepts that tell them that they are at the forefront of an evolutionary process or that a god created them to take dominion over everyone.

Whichever direction they take they know that the AfRAkan is the only genetically complete human being, the first of whom was Mother Tang followed shortly after by Father Tang. Both emerged through a permutation process out of Pure Dark Energy Waves about one million years ago on the banks of Lake Tanganyika. Every other race is a mutation from the original. The colonizers have since renamed Tanganyika, as Tanzania.

RA means Sun and while AfRAkans are the people of the Sun we do not worship the Sun. We are simply acknowledging the Sun as a life sustaining source of energy. Although the Sun emits very dangerous radiation the Melanin that enriches our skin is a protective agent that allows us to tolerate the Suns’ harsh effects while at the same time benefit from its unseen energies.

Stars are the first physical entities to manifest in the physical Universe. When a Star is able to sustain Life on a planet it births through the process of its creation we call it a Sun. That Sun also acts as a conduit to the Pure Dark Energy Waves of the abstract unseen universe through its Carbon core.

Ka means Soul. A Soul is an energy field that is generated by a living organism. People, animals, plants, and even Water can generate a Soul since Water is one step below Life. A Soul develops over time to be good or bad according to the internal energy it germinates. Bad energy creates a demonic Soul while good energy attracts the Spiritual energy of the universe. And since Spirit cannot be bad or become corrupted it acts to enrich a good Soul to one day transform into Spiritual energy.

AfRAkans are the foremost of all Souls because we have a functioning energy receptor in our brain which can be calibrated to harness the full power of Pure Dark Energy Waves (Spirit). That receptor is called the Pineal Gland and once it is functioning correctly you as a Soul will have a better chance of transforming into a Spirit.

Spirit is the omnipotent abstract energy of the universe. It cannot be created, destroyed, or corrupted by physical matter. As your Soul begins to function under the influence of Spiritual energy you well have no choice but to function with fairness, equity, and accountability. That is because Pure Dark Energy Waves carry in them all the Truths of the universe.

With the loss of a Spiritual connection to the universe most humans have become devilish in our mentality. AfRAkans can and a lot have become mentally devilish while some races cannot help being devilish due to their physiology. The calcification of their Pineal Glands has resulted in severe unaccountable and devilish behavior that has corrupted all humanity.

In their attempt mimic the greatness of AfRAkans that they encountered in Egypt (KMT) the spiritless people created religions but those religions only led to more devilish behavior that has resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people through 2 world wars and countless more conflicts. The colonization of AfRAka resulted in the corruption of most AfRAkans. The result is that most Black and AfRAkan people today suffer from Desire Dependency.

Desire Dependency is a mental state in which Black people function under the control of Life instead of being guided by the Spirit. In this state people live to fulfill their Wants and Desires, specifically “Uncontrolled Happiness”. They want money, fame, sexual pleasure, and most of all to go to a paradise they call Heaven to live with the gods others indoctrinated them to believe in.  

They attempt to control their Desires for Happiness by focusing on their gods but no matter how much Faith they develop they don’t know that their Desires still rule because now they Desire heaven. Sadly, most of their false beliefs are now falling apart. It’s evident in the way people are becoming disillusioned and are turning to suicide and mass murder.

AfRAkans, it’s time to wake up. Don’t be the last to go down with the sinking ship like good slaves. The Dohgon are on a mission to return the AfRAkan mind to a state of fairness, equity, and accountability. Professor MOmOH has the tools that are designed to get your Pineal Gland de-calcified and working properly.

You may be AfRAkan or a descendant of AfRAkans but once you rediscover your true origin you too will develop a Conscious desire to redefine your identity. We believe that at that time you will also want to identify yourself as an AfRAkan.