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Black Voters Still Don’t Like Donald Trump

In the midterms African-American voters gave another decided thumbs-down to the president and his party.
Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Donald Trump said a lot of preposterous things while running for president in 2016. But for my money, this was the most preposterous thing of all:

Speaking before another largely-white audience in a town whose population is 93 percent white, Trump said, “And at the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get over 95 percent of the African-American vote. I promise you. Because I will produce.”

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African American Voters Made Significant Impact on Mid Term Election Results – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles S…

African American voters were a big part of powering the“BlueWave”, according to a recent post election survey sponsored by AAVREP.(filephoto)

For those who may secretly think their vote doesn’t matter, results of a recent post election survey showed that African American voters made a huge impact on this year’s outcome. According to members the African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation organization, blacks“poweredthe Blue Wave” here in California. They also helped flip highly competitive seats in the House of Representatives from Republicans to Democrats, AAVREP said.

“African American voters in California played a significant role in helping Democrats win the majority in the House of Representatives and oust long term Republicans during the midterm…

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Black GOP voters in Mississippi still support Hyde-Smith

African American Republicans in Mississippi are standing by Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in Tuesday’s Senate runoff, despite her comment expressing a willingness to attend a public hanging — a quip that’s triggered painful reminders of the state’s history of lynching blacks.

“I just choose to look at it as a possible mistake and chalk it up to that,” said John Mosley Jr., an African American Republican who ran for mayor of Moss…

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Mississippi voters wait in line to vote absentee for Senate

… Espy, a former U.S. agriculture commissioner who is seeking to become the first African-American senator from Mississippi since Reconstruction.
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Analysis: Candidates need motivated voters for Senate runoff

He talked to the mostly African-American audience about honoring the legacy of those who sacrificed in the struggle for civil rights — Fannie Lou …
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Voters bring historic change to Ohio Supreme Court: editorial

On Tuesday, Cleveland appellate court Judge Melody J. Stewart became the first African-American woman and the first African-American Democrat to be elected to the Ohio Supreme Court. True, Stewart’s election may have had more to do with being the highest-rated judicial candidate in this year’s Supreme Court contests than with her race — or party. In an odd quirk, Ohio judicial elections are partisan in primaries but nominally nonpartisan in general elections, meaning party labels weren’t on the Nov. 6 ballot.

But when Stewart and fellow Cleveland jurist Michael P. Donnelly take their seats next year as associate justices, the state’s high court will have at least two Democrats on the seven-justice bench for the first time in 15 years. The last time that happened was from 1995…

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