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President Donald Trump calls an African video, “Amazing”

To a significant chunk of the global black race, American President Donald Trump is not a friend.

In fact, most coloured people,…

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Trump reacts to ‘amazing’ skills of African woman in viral footy video

“Amazing,” one word the United States president Donald Trump used to react to an African woman in a viral football skill video.

The video of the woman – somewhere in Africa – had been making the rounds on social media platform Twitter since the weekend.

The woman is seen juggling a ball with effective and efficient dexterity that is usually seen of professional footballers during signing on ceremonies or at training grounds.

Persons surrounding her kept hailing her as she went about displaying her skills for well over a minute. She ended the act to much applause by the onlookers.

President Trump’s…

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Video: Former African-American executive of United Way of Tarrant County awarded $431,000 in lawsuit

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Video resurfaces of Joy Behar saying she dressed as 'beautiful African woman'

Joy Behar is explaining an old photo of herself portraying a "beautiful African woman" that resurfaced from an episode of "The View" in 2016. Behar …
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VIDEO: African painted dog puppies enjoy their first snow at the Oregon Zoo

Three month old African painted dog puppy in the snow. © Oregon Zoo / photo by Michael Durham.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The African painted dog puppies at the Oregon Zoo woke up to their first snow Tuesday.

The twelve puppies couldn’t help but taste the white, fluffy flakes that coated the ground as they chased each other around this morning.

The zoo was closed to visitors Tuesday due to the weather.

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‘It’s time for Africa’ in video games

Video gaming is now a rapidly growing market in Africa, and start-ups are springing up across the continent to produce games with African themes.

In Kenya, the video games market was worth over $50m (£38m) in 2016. It’s expected to double by 2021.

Weza Interactive, based in Nairobi, is one such developer that is trying to make interactive content for and about Africa.

It has released a free platformer mobile game called Mzito.

In the adventure game, which is available on both iOS and Android, users play as a lion, who with the help of ancient spirits must save Africa from “ancient corruption”.

“We wanted to focus on the African theme because we think it’s time for Africa,” Weza Interactive’s chief executive George Ohere told the…

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