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Botswana Shooting Zimbabwe Stray Cattle

How Unethical Influences Are Destroying AfRAka

So far this month Botswana farmers have shot and burned over 400 cows that have strayed into their territory from Zimbabwe. Their excuse is that the cattle carry Foot & Mouth disease, which may infect their own herds and jeopardize their trade agreements with Europe. Not only are their actions barbaric, it demonstrates that unethical colonial influences are still present in AfRAka creating division among AfRAkans and destabilizing countries.

Ever since the end of colonialism in AfRaka the view of AfRAka and AfRAkans have been bleak. For decades wars, diseases, and famine have plagued AfRAka. The general worldview of AfRaka is that it is a lost cause. Through all the turmoil however, AfRakas have persevered and are building strong countries with strong economies that can competing on the world stage. It is a feel good story that many of AfRAka’s former colonizers don’t like to see given their unethical nature.

Zimbabwe is a country that many unethical Europeans have vowed to destroy ever since they were embarrassingly driven off land they stole from AfRAkans through colonization. So far their best method of destroying Zimbabwe has been the use of economic sanctions. These sanctions produce many side effects such as; internal political, financial, and social conflicts as well as to stoke external conflicts with neighboring countries like Botswana and South Africa.

The cattle conflict between Botswana and Zimbabwe demonstrates several unethical things. First, it demonstrates that Europeans have a direct influence on the behavior of AfRakans through economics. They know that a developing country such as Botswana depends on trade exports to maintain its economy so what they do is create conflict through favoritism. Are Botswana cattle healthier than Zimbabwe cattle? Who knows for sure? All the farmers know is what is dictated to them from higher powers.

Second, the conflict demonstrates how unethical thinking corrupts the minds of AfRAkans themselves. An objective outsider looking down on the situation might ask, “isn’t Zimbabwe in desperate economic hardship and needs the 400 head of cattle to feed their people. If so then why wouldn’t Botswana be sympathetic about the cattle straying into their territory and work to help Zimbabwe by rounding up and returning the cattle to Zimbabwe.” Instead, what they are doing by shooting and burning the cattle is creating animosity among one another.

Every human is responsible for his own thoughts and actions. However, the ability to use proper thinking depends on our level of understanding about the world around us. We know that there are some humans who through unethical thinking wish to control the lives of other people for a variety of reasons, most importantly, for economic gain. They will do anything to divide and rule situations.

Ever since Europeans first entered AfRaka they recognized that AfRAkans have one major flaw; AfRAkans lack perception. Our lack of perception means that we live for the present and neglect to plan for the future. In such a state we will always fail to perceive things that lead to our demise. The world is changing rapidly and overpopulation will soon be the #1 world crisis. That means that more and more unethical people will be looking to take advantage of AfRAka.

If AfRAkans are to survive in the coming Age of Aquarius we need to learn to see the bigger picture now. We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated into hating and killing each other over money such as in the situation we see happening in the Botswana vs Zimbabwe cattle dispute.