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Your Spiritual Walk

Good Spirits Express the WISDOM of Sharing

All existences and physical things appear from The DARK or Spiritual Universe. We, thus, have to be aware of this Universe of which we, as human beings, as well as plants and animals, are its essence. This means that we must appreciate each other and everything in the Universe because we have a combined interest in our existence and the existences of all living things. The more we appreciate each other and MTHR Nature, the more goodness expands towards us. We will, then, benefit by the extension of our existence and its expansion, which will bring joy and satisfaction to what we appreciate.

The Universe has a purpose to maintain our existence, as well as the existences of all things in Nature. This means we have to stay aware of our existence and the calmness that the Universe presents. Once we understand the peacefulness of what our thinking dwells upon, then good things will happen to us. We, therefore, have to understand the way we think and appreciate our own WISDOM.

Our purpose is to maintain the good thinking that we know expands our WISDOM and elevates us from the difficulties that arise. We, therefore, have to be aware of the good thinking that exists on our minds. Once that awareness rises, our thinking will always be powerful and very effective in whatever we do. We must, thus, always be vigilant in the way we think so that the outcome of our thinking elevates us to the WISDOM that holds us acCOUNTable to anything we express.

Our Spiritual existence is always growing because we, as physical beings, also have Spiritual qualities. Once we begin to express these Spiritual qualities, we will become appreciative of our own good values. As these good values expand, our thinking expands as well to benefit those who also seek to expand their own goodness. Once this expansion is transferred to others, we develop a system of growth in goodness to everyone who shares our idea of WISDOM sharing. This is the objective of what good people have to do. There is always an idea of sharing goodness with everyone so we can become good as a whole.

Our Spirits expand because they exist in the DARK or Spiritual Universe, while we are here on Earth. Our Spirits, though, have the freedom of movement that we do not have. And since our Spirits are Omnipresent, they can exist right here with us on Earth as well as in the DARK Universe. They (our good Spirits) are, thus, always in the Universe of Spirituality, which always expands.

The DARK or Spiritual Universe is, thus, where all good Spirits exist and will maintain their existences forever. You, as a human being, upon your conception, were linked with a good Spirit that became your own. You must, therefore, maintain the WISDOM of that Spirit so that you will always be linked with its goodness and TRUTH in your physical existence. That existence will then know exactly where it will continue to reside Spiritually after your physical death. The WISDOM of your Spirit will, thus, continue to express itself so the TRUTH is always with you.

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Xenophobia in Africa the work of Colonizers


Xenophobia in Africa is the work of colonizers and is designed to keep Africans dumb, violent, and dysfunctional.

We don’t like to spread conspiracies but some situations bear too much evidence of external coercion to escape controversy. When we see how some South Africans are violently trying to expel Nigerians from their country and vice-versa, we know that there is colonial influence behind it.

The colonizers know that most Africans are in too much social and financial despair to be able to see the big picture and will destroy themselves before they realize what happened. The colonizers already have Religious control so with the use of tribal violence, they know that soon they will return to take back political and economic control of Africa. 

Africa is a continent that has been mired in violence and social despair for centuries; some say since the arrival of Arab and European colonizers. In the last half century however, ever since the colonizers have loosened their political grip, allowing Africans to dictate their own political affairs, life had begun to improve.

Some African leaders have even developed the audacious confidence to wrestle economic power away from the colonizers. The one part of covert colonial influence in Africa that is definitely not a conspiracy is the fact that the colonizers have always regretted giving up political power in Africa.

The colonizers hated how Robert Mugabe (RIP) liberated Zimbabwe so they successfully used economic sabotage to ensure Mugabe’s influence didn’t spread throughout Africa. Instead of falling apart however, most African countries thrived and developed successful economies. 

With the emergence of numerous Millionaires and Billionaires the colonizers know that the more economically self-sufficient Africans get, it’s the more they themselves will lose access to Africa’s enormous untapped natural resource wealth. So, how are colonizers working to thwart the rise of Africa?

In the midst of all the confusion and daily reports of xenophobic violence there is a sinister campaign going on to accelerate the violence. Hidden hands are spreading false reports of xenophobic murders that either didn’t take place or are events that happened long ago.

One video even showed students in India jumping from a burning building as an event involving Nigerians. The Nigerians have predictively retaliated by attacking South African nationals living in Nigeria. Some Nigerians have now called on their home-grown Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram to kill all South Africans and they have agreed.

Our vision is not blurry. we can see the colonizers rejoicing now that the bonfire of xenophobic violence is spreading to include other African countries. All they have to do now is wait for Africans to call for help from the international community.

The colonizers will then send in UN peacekeepers and eventually the World Bank to seize financial control of more African countries. The development of Africa will regress by 50 years and Africans will return to 100% dependent state.

Never Forget the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda

rwanda genocide

Never forget the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda because not only is it a valuable conscience building lesson for all Afrakans, if we ignore and forget it, we are bound to repeat it in our various countries and cultures.

April, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the worst genocide in modern Afrakan history, which resulted in the deaths of nearly one million Tutsi Rwandans at the hands of their fellow Hutu neighbors. It is of utmost importance to all Black and Afrakan people to never forget an event of such magnitude because if we do, we will never learn to become more conscientious people, its accounting will be altered, denied and forgotten, and because of those circumstances, we will undoubtedly repeat it over and over.

As westerners of Afrakan descent, we may never be able to understand the tribal nature of our genetic homeland and many Afrakans may even be quick to point that out if we dare to project any sort of moral superiority over the many and various cultures on the Afrakan continent. Therefore, we can only seek commonality with Afrakans through the fact that we are all human beings who want the same things in life, which are; mutual respect among men and freedom to live according to the historical ideologies that provide comfort and purpose to life.

With that said, it is well documented that the Tutsi genocide is the result of extreme tribalism between the prominent tribes of the region, the Hutu and the Tutsi. We recognize that the conflict began out of a lack of tribal respect on both sides. Some say it is due to deep colonial brainwashing that saw centuries of divide and conquer tactics at the hands of European powers. Some say no, its jealousy over physical features and Hutus believing that the Tutsi are East Afrakan invaders who don’t belong in the region.

Whatever the reason was, it was obvious that the level of conscience among the people had sunk to extremely low levels and when conscience is suppressed ideology will rise to take over the mind of anyone, including preachers. Before the killing frenzy began, years of animosity had slowly turned into racial hatred. Hutu politicians, Pastors, and their supporters were openly using hatred to spread propaganda until the general public was willing to kill without remorse.

Over approximately 100 days it is estimated that close to one million Tutsi were massacred throughout Rwanda. Gangs of Hutu soldiers, and civilians roamed the streets killing Tutsi men, women, and children wherever they found them hiding. No sanctuary was safe as they kicked down the doors of homes, schools, and churches to hack people to death with machetes. United Nations peacekeepers, who were stationed in the country due to prior tribal conflicts, did there best to save as many people as they could in the beginning but their calls for further help were ignored. It clearly reveals the hypocrisy of some so called morally responsible world powers.

25 years after the Tutsi genocide, it has been largely forgotten in the Western world because most of our leaders never gave a damn in the first place. When it is brought up in terms of accountability, most Hutu are remorseful but a small number of them remain defiant and are actively working to change the narrative. Like the German holocaust deniers, they spread misinformation claiming that only a few hundred Tutsi were killed or it was the Tutsi who orchestrated the whole thing, sacrificing their own tribes’ people to gain sympathy from the international community.

At Afro-Conscious Media (ACM), we do not subscribe to conspiracies. We were alive and followed the news when the genocide was happening and we’ve heard neutral 3rd party accounting from people such as Roméo Dallaire, commander of the UN forces who was on the ground in Rwanda during the genocide.

Most Tutsi survivors of the genocide express that they are still being haunted by the trauma of the event. Some say they have forgiven the Hutu in order to try to forget and move on while others have simply done their best to forget by building happy memories to suppress the bad ones.

This is the way the human mind works; we compartmentalize trauma in order to protect our sanity but while it is comforting, there is a danger in forgetting because over time those same petty differences, be they tribal or racial, will inevitably return if they are not dealt with properly and commemorated in a conscientious way.

ACM will always commemorate the Tutsi genocide, not to rehash the trauma of the event but to encourage conscious thought as to what will happen when we as Black and Afrakan people continue to engage in colorism, tribalism, and racism.

Trump Pardons Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey

Trump pardons Marcus Garvey within the next 12 months. This is an intuitive prognostication based on our understanding of his personality. We know that he is a power-hungry demagogue who will do everything he can to maintain his presidency so that he can carry out his agenda of white supremacy. In order to be re-elected we know that he will try to cater to the desires of a wider group of African Americans aside from the brainwashed evangelicals whom he already controls. In fact, he is already in the process of appeasing Black America by pardoning several unjustly imprisoned Black people. In issuing a posthumous pardon to Marcus Garvey, Trump will hope to be seen as a person who is also sympathetic to Black America’s struggle for racial inclusion into the American Dream; the social condition whereby any hard-working person may achieve prosperity without being hindered by discrimination, marginalization, and racism.

Trump will pardon Marcus Garvey and point out that he is a better leader than Barack Obama because Obama never had the guts to instill the pardon during his presidency. He will believe that Black people are too dumb to see that all of the Black people that he is pardoning is for political gain. Fact is, if Obama had pardoned many of the Black people that he is pardoning now, all white America including many Liberals would be up in arms. They would accuse Obama of thumbing his nose at the judicial system by pardoning people simply because they’re Black like him. Furthermore, they would say that there is no reason for pardoning someone who was never a citizen.

The call for America to pardon Marcus Garvey is an initiative that has existed in the Black community and worldwide for many decades. In 2018 that call gained national attention when Roger Stone, a well-known conservative activist, lobbyist and right-hand man to Trump, expressed that Garvey should get a pardon. His support for a pardon for Garvey has left many Americans, both Black and white, baffled as to his motives. Stone knows that Marcus Garvey was stonewalled and wrongly convicted by the FBI but we know that his stance on Garvey is not due to his conscience. Could it be something more sinister involving the KKK and Jews?

Marcus Garvey was the most influential Black Liberation leader in American history. No other Black individual had the mass organizing ability he had in a time when Black Americans were still being lynched for simply staring at a white person. Born on the island of Jamaica in 1887, Marcus Garvey became a keen learner at an early age. He was an avid reader that dreamt of achieving greatness, not only for himself but for all people of Afrakan descent. The ancestors recognized the conscious eagerness within him and attached themselves to him to help guide and protect him. By the age of 20 Garvey was already involved in labor and political activism.

Before migrating to the United states in 1916, Garvey had already traveled, worked, and studied in several regions of South and Central America and England. He had also formulated many mechanisms to elevate the condition of Black people, one of which was the creation of an organization called the Universal Negro Improvement Association or UNIA. Once in America Garvey registered the organization there and began organizing Black people of all backgrounds to become empowered, self-determined, and self-sufficient. He collected monthly membership dues from people who joined the organization and used the money to start businesses for Black people to become self-sufficient and not relying on the white man for work.

By 1919 the FBI had taken notice of Garvey’s rapid rise as a leader in Black America. His organizations had over 2 million members and he owned several businesses including a shipping company called the Black Star Line. The FBI sent in spies, collaborated with other Black leaders who hated Garvey such as WEB DuBois, and devised plans to sabotage him. Subsequently, the FBI charged Garvey with mail fraud for failing to show proper accounting records for money collected through the (US Postal Service) for membership dues. Garvey was convicted and sentenced to serve 5 years in prison. After serving 2 years, his sentence was commuted by President Calvin Coolidge and was deported back to Jamaica where he received a heroes welcome.   

There is no hiding the fact that the prisons of America are full of Black people. The number one reason for this unconscionable situation is that imprisoning people has become a big business and who else to victimize but Black people. The whole system works because of the fact that racism still exists and is rampant within America’s judicial system. At the top of that system are organizations such as the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI. Roger Stone is a product of these corrupt systems that were not designed to but operate against Black people primarily to suppress our struggle for liberty unless we are subservient Christians and desire dependent buffoons.

There is also no hiding the fact that white supremacists hate Jews as much as they hate Blacks. Garvey also turned against the unethical ways of the Jews so after his trial and sentencing, Marcus Garvey lashed out against them. He accused them of being two-faced and the author of his troubles. Furthermore, he blamed Jews on the jury for convicting him and he blamed the judge, who was also a Jew, for giving him a harsh sentence. He accused Jews of hating him for meeting with and attempting to form an alliance with the KKK, a group he says do not hide the fact that they do not like Black people, unlike the Jews. In our view this was classic divide and conquer on the part of white supremacists.

Trump will pardon Marcus Garvey under this same premise. He will hope to gain the support of many more Black people than he did in 2016 and he probably will. What he doesn’t know however, is that real conscious Black people do not care if Marcus Garvey is pardoned or not. To us Marcus Garvey is already an icon whose legacy is greater than any leader America has ever produced. He did not take on and manage an existing enterprise. He built one from the ground up under the extreme distress of racism and discrimination from white supremacists and from jealous and envious Black leaders.  

Marcus Garvey’s spirit lives within us. It torments us to never rest until the Great Spirit of the Universe itself decides to intervene and cleanse the world of its iniquities.


Why Are People So Stressed?


Why are people so stressed?

We get stressed because we are very poor managers of our own thoughts. We allow our minds to wonder and dwell on meaningless or irrelevant things. The result is poor mental management skills. We are not saying that we have to stay engaged 24/7. What we are saying is that we need to know how to keep our minds fit in order to reduce stress. Our bodies react on the DNA level to everything we do. Therefore, stress is the result of hormonal abnormalities caused by us. When we allow our focus and concentration levels to diminish the result is lack of patience. Lack of patience produces anxiety and stress. Here are some of the reasons why we lack good mental management skills and how you can address them:

0. Poor CONCENTRATION; This is the major cause of mental mismanagement because we lack the continuous flow of ideas that make our thoughts complete. Think of this as a Muslim who has been on a fast all day. He breaks fast, yet he has not enough to eat in one sitting. He eats a little of something, then a few minutes later, his wife gets him a little of another something to eat, and so on. This person may need about 10 or more of these little bits of servings to satisfy his hunger. Under these circumstances, you know this Muslim will be edgy and discontent.

So, how do we CONCENTRATE? First, we have to know the neurotransmitter that makes us concentrate. Melatonin is that neurotransmitter. Melatonin has to be the Muslim’s wife. If you lack a good supply of this neurotransmitter, you will never Concentrate effectively because your serotonin production will consistently trigger one memory to override the present memory in use. Then another memory will get excited and overpower the one that overrode the first one. This is why your friends call you a scatter brain. How do you increase your Melatonin production? Dohgon Wonder Wheels and Dohgon COUNT are how!

1.Lack of PATIENCE “Haste makes waste!” Remember, whenever you do things in haste, you are not just wasting resources, you are also wasting your own efforts. A wasted effort manifests when we suffer from ERROR Catastrophes. These errors occur at the DNA level, meaning that our neural systems are not allowing enough Melatonin to be transmitted through cellular cytoplasm. This makes us anxious, and with anxiety comes stress. Also, with anxiety comes poor neural communications, and this affects us externally with what we hear, touch, smell, taste and see. A stressful person can never make a good manager. Those who force their way into leadership positions, are the ones who terrorize others into submission.

2. Poor FOCUS If your focus is poor, you will become a bad planner because you cannot even define what you are planning. If your planning is haphazard, how can you develop procedures and processes to execute the plan? When you start to see your failings open widely in front of you, you’d become so stressed as you scold yourself in HINDSIGHT about your illogical thinking conditions.

So, how do you improve your focus? You can improve your focus by becoming acCOUNTable to what you do. To be acCOUNTable is to COUNT each step or each hand movement you do. AcCOUNTability is how you overcome hindsight and bad focus.

For more insights on how to manage stress please visit The Dohgon University of Thought. We are a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Our specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Professor MOmOH Knows Everything!

Sad Emotions and Losing a Loved One

Sad Emotions and Losing a Loved One

by Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought, 08-24-2017

How do you deal with the sad emotions when a loved one dies?

What you have to know is that you are also going to die when your time comes along. When that times comes, if you were a good, clean, TRUTHFUL and sincere person, you will not be overcome by the fear of death. You will appreciate going to a different universe where those that you’ll meet will welcome you and your presence among their experiences.

That universe is the Spiritual or DARK Universe, and you will be welcome there forever. You will experience the peace, harmony and joy that those who have gone before you already participate in. Therefore, always be kind, honest and generous to others who will become very important in approving the kindness that you have demonstrated about your presence on Earth.

Know that everything you do towards kindness is recorded, and the evidence becomes very clear that you are a kind and generous person. Your kindness follows you with Spirituality. So even when you die and become a Spirit, you will continue to enjoy that kindness with other Spirits. Therefore, kindness is not anything new to you. It is something that has existed within you even when you were a physical person.

The edict of kindness that you have demonstrated will live with you as a Spiritual being. You, as a physical person, were very intelligent to maintain a Spiritual quality that has continued to dwell within you.

No one will destroy that edict that you have demonstrated. In fact, people must know that an edict of kindness is a condition that emerges with everyone at birth. It is not imposed on people at the time of their existence as a physical person, but it is a quality that we are all born with. We must follow this quality all the time, not just assume that it will come to us by chance.

It is worthy to know that Spirituality does not come to you when you are dead. It’s there all the time. You must be comfortable being sincere, honest and TRUTHFUL because it is a part of you. If there are people who do not want you to express those qualities, then you have to leave them alone and find a way to express them through others who sincerely need you to be as good as you are. You will find that your good attitude is welcome by those who are Spiritually evolving.

Now is the time, in the physical world, to know that you have to be acCOUNTable for everything you do as a person. This is because when you become a non-physical being, you will become either a ghost or a Spirit. And it’s always better to become a Spirit than a ghost.

As a Spirit, you are always very secure to have continuity as a Spiritual being.

But when you become a ghost, you will never ascend to the quality of goodness that you never had as a physical being. Since you never had the good and clean qualities of someone that will become a Spirit, you will continue to suffer when you become a ghost. As a result, you will suffer with what you did or didn’t suffer from as a physical being. When you become a ghost, you will always suffer from what you did wrong as a physical being.

But, as a Spiritual being, you will never suffer from any of the tragedies of a ghost. You are now ready to exist in another world that is set to elevate you to the Kingdom of Goodness. That Kingdom is what people call the Kingdom of ‘God’. If you happen to go to that Kingdom, it means that everything that you did on Earth was full of good, honor and honesty. That Kingdom is where you will live forever. This means you will enjoy the peacefulness and stability that longevity offers.

But are you going to live forever?

Yes you will, and you will live in either a pleasant way or in a very horrible way. This is why people always talk about “hell”. Those who are wicked on Earth will visit hell, where they will burn and burn and burn. We have to realize that people go to hell because they are doing wrong. It is why we all have to know that we have 2 brain hemispheres, the left and the right brain hemispheres. One makes us emotional and the other makes us logical in whatever we THINK.

When we become emotional, we forget about the other side of us that requires us to be acceptable to other people’s attitudes. If other people’s attitudes are unpleasant, we leave them alone. They do not match what we deserve in our THINKING.

However, if our thinking is also unpleasant, we get to the point where we do not qualify ourselves of the Goodness that is necessary for a Spirit to exist. Now, we have a difficult time understanding where we are going to be. Are we going to be a Spiritual being or a ghost? Now we are in a very difficult situation because we are in doubt of where we shall be in the future.

The two brain hemispheres, which are your left and right brain hemispheres, must always be united for every THINKING that you do. If you decide on THINKING about the quality of togetherness, than peace is going to follow your thoughts.

However, if you decide on just how you can please yourself and forget about everyone else, then your thinking is selfish and illogical. Now you have a reason to consider your thoughts as unworthy because they no longer include others in what you think.

What you THINK must always consider others as worthy and deserving of your good thoughts. This is how you will become appreciated by goodness because you are already including others in the goodness of your THINKING.

Always consider being thoughtful of others… and goodness will follow you.

How do you consider death?

What we have to realize, then, is that death is not at all a bad thing. But if you become a ghost, it measures how the bad things you did affect you now that you have become a ghost.

Death is, thus, the continuation of no longer living as a human being, but as a ghost or a Spirit. Death is considered a transformation, and you have to make that transformation worthy of what you were as a human being.

If you lived as a human being in a terrible way, your transformation, then, will not be good. You will suffer as a transformed human who did not wish to die at this time, because at this time you are now exposed to what you have done wrong when you lived as a physical person. That transformed human being will then become a ghost, who will have a different place to go to. That different place is what people call ‘hell.’

When you become a ghost, this means that your left and right brain hemispheres had failed to coordinate themselves properly as a human being. As a result, you incorrectly made choices that forced you into taking actions that were wrong. For example, you exploited the goodness of others to make your own existence more valuable than what other people’s existence was. You also cheated others when you didn’t have to.

On the other hand, if you become a Spirit, your existence becomes a valuable evidence that you were worthy of everything you did to others as well.

Becoming a Spiritual being is only leaving a physical environment and re-entering the Spiritual environment from which we each appeared from DARKNESS as an infant through our MTHR’s womb.

Certainly, the transition is a sad one for you when someone you have known for years dies. When that person leaves, there is a connection that is lost. However, we should never be totally grieved if we know that that person is going to an environment where he or she shall live forever pleasantly. This is the reason why it is important that we each act in a very good manner so that when we become Spirits, we won’t face any condition that is imposed upon us through the evil we did on Earth.

In other words, our existence on Earth is an experiment that requires us to act in a very good manner. We must know that everything we do to another person will always appear after our death. We will have to show why we were so unkind to our fellow humans. This is how Spirit verifies that it was connected to a person whose behavior was sensible or not sensible.

Our Spirits are constantly recording what we do right and what we do wrong. Some people’s Spirits have little or nothing to write about the wrongs they did. Their Spirits will not have enough documentation of wrongs to present to “God,” and they will easily enter the Spiritual realm.

Others, on the other hand, will require days and days… or months or years… to unleash the bad behaviors that require a great punishment. They will not enter the Spiritual realm, where those who did good have a place to live. Rather, they, with the bad behaviors, will be led to hell, where they will exist as ghosts and burn and burn and burn.

We must know that our existence on Earth, therefore, is an experiment to determine how good or bad we exist. If our behavior has been bad, then we have to present a very long list of the bad behaviors to the God that will question whether we go to heaven or hell. This is important because our death actually explains our ability to exist forever in either a pleasant way or in a very horrible way.

When we die, and become Spirits, we shall no longer need material things nor shall we require things to protect us, etc. We will live in an environment that has no rainfall, no sunlight and no need to buy food. It is an environment in which we shall never feel hungry nor desire to go to places. Rather, we will have the ability to travel to anywhere we want to go instantaneously.

Spiritual existence is a very good existence only if you prepare yourself to be a good and clean Spirit by being good to your fellow humans. But, if you did not prepare yourself, then your existence as a ghost will be very worrying.


Be good and goodness will follow you. –Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought.


Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.


What Is A Total Solar Eclipse?

On August 21st, 2017, a total Solar Eclipse will occur in selected areas of the United States. Other areas of the country will witness partial eclipses of various degrees. Not surprisingly, this solar phenomenon has many people excited to witness this once in a lifetime event.

While it maybe entertaining for some, a Total Solar Eclipse has special meaning for Dohgons and all AfRAkans. Here is an excerpt from a question and answer session between Mighty Queen and Professor MOmOh regarding the meaning and benefit of the Total Solar Eclipse.       

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse of the U.S.:

The Spiritual Magnetism of Darkness for Peace happens by synchronizing your 2 brain hemispheres


MQ: Mighty Queen 06390

PM: Professor MOmOh


MQ:  What is a total, solar eclipse?


PM:   A total, solar eclipse brings Darkness to daylight, which humanity must appreciate to fully understand how important its 2 brain hemispheres are needed to acquire peace.


MQ: A total, solar eclipse will be crossing the U.S. on August 21, 2017. The eclipse will make a rare 2,500-mile coast-to-coast journey across the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina on that day. This will bring total Darkness to various cities along its path. What does this total eclipse indicate about the Spiritual Magnetism of Darkness for Peace?


PM:        Darkness always indicates Peace. Anything that happens with Darkness indicates there is an effect of peacefulness that follows it as well. Therefore, the total solar eclipse passing through the U.S. indicates how the U.S., itself, is now ready to exercise a peaceful transition from where peace is now paramount in the minds of many people. This means that the intention of people is peace, instead of war.


        War kills a lot of innocent people. Now, the total eclipse is telling us that no more war is necessary because the eclipse, itself, is now bringing NIGHT during daytime. And NIGHT means the synchronization of your two brain

        hemispheres, which indicates calmness, peacefulness and TRUTHFULNESS in everything you do.


MQ:  Why does Darkness always indicate peace, and what is the relationship of Darkness to the synchronization of your two brain hemispheres?


PM:   Your two brain hemispheres are your left and right brain hemispheres. When they are well-synchronized, your two brain hemispheres are both coordinated in whatever you THINK about. Your THINKING, then, becomes very active and willing to pursue good and clean things that keep you very peaceful in everything you do.


        Darkness always indicates peace because everything in Darkness is quiet and willing to remain peaceful until daylight appears. During daylight, humanity is awake and anxious to get things done very quickly.


        So anxiety exists during daytime and quietness exists during nighttime. This is the reason why, when the total solar eclipse occurs during daytime, humanity must exercise the peacefulness that happens at night. This is why the Universe is making daylight disappear for that period of time throughout the U.S. during the total eclipse.


        Humanity must, therefore, learn that the time for peace is now reachable to everyone, and that the period of war is over because those who pursue war are now leaving that direction of thinking for war. Thus, those who are seeking peace are increasing in numbers. Very soon, there will be no interest in wars anymore because those who pursue wars are now being pushed aside, and they are no longer in that position to make choices to go to war.


MQ: So the message of the upcoming total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. is one that is energized for humanity to THINK peacefully by coordinating their left and right brain hemispheres?


PM:   Yes, the thinking is not just superficial, but one that people have seriously thought about expressing. It is the desire to let other people begin to THINK similarly that peace matters. It’s no longer an expression where people have to make songs about peace and do nothing about how the peace itself is made tangible for actions to manifest.


        Humanity must understand why Nature is making the appearance of the total solar eclipse happen throughout the U.S. Is it happening because of a natural request by humanity itself or is it happening because Nature, itself, needs to make darkness happen during daylight?


        The eclipse has to enforce the conscious awareness of an attitude that must now make itself very clear that peace has to exist for people to express themselves without any limitations.


MQ:  How will people begin to synchronize their two brain hemispheres in order to bring this renewed THINKING process of calmness, peacefulness and TRUTHFULNESS to the Universe?


PM:        These peaceful qualities are always present with people who seek TRUTH. When TRUTH is a part of your THINKING, you will always be very cordial to other people… and their peaceful interests are also your own interests. There is already a connection between you and them. They are not different from you, and you are not different from them.


        Synchronizing your two brain hemispheres is an easy process for humanity to accomplish. All that’s required is activating the logic of your left brain to connect with your mind. Your mind will transfer that logic to your Spirit, which will include the Spiritual Magnetic qualities of the Universe into your Spiritual qualities, and then transfer that information back to your mind.


        When that information is now in your mind, it becomes an intelligent and creative energy that will help you acquire WISDOM. WISDOM is necessary for you to express what you can do to help others.


        The reason why WISDOM is necessary is because it goes through your Spiritual system, which is internal to you. When that internal, Spiritual system of your WISDOM is activated, everything becomes expressed within you externally. Now you can see how your creativity and intelligence happen easily. This ability becomes so great within you that you are able to help others acquire their own creative forces without any struggle. You are now a person of great WISDOM who others will respect.


        Through the physical connection that your synchronized left and right brain hemispheres now have with the Spiritually Magnetic qualities of the Universe, you are no longer in a position to impose yourself on people who haven’t offended you in anyway to start wars with them. You will always stand by your own TRUTH, and you will not compromise with those who need to go to war with others. You’ll always be very strong to express the TRUTH of the Spirituality of your mind, rather than the imbalanced and unstable emotions of your right brain.


MQ:  When will humanity as a whole begin to THINK by uniting their two brain hemispheres so that peace is now a common factor in people’s lives throughout the world?


PM:        People’s lives are valued when they have a purpose in life. If the purpose is to determine how each person succeeds and that success transfers to other people, then there will be a common vision where humanity as a whole begins to benefit by the success of individual people. So people are going to succeed in life. But this success is going to happen when there is a determination for other people to be part of the success of what individual people accomplish in life. When that success becomes universal, other people will rise to the joy of success as well.


        The joy of success will pass on to all individuals where success becomes a common result that allows people to also be a part of a whole. Once people see the whole exists that affects them as well, then success is no longer an individual matter. Rather it becomes a general and holistic matter that engulfs everyone.


        Everything will now be considered holistic. So the success of one person becomes the success of a whole community. This is not a communist doctrine. Rather democracy will still exist in the minds of people, and they will practice democratic views where people are helped to rise to the same level of success that other individuals have.


        Here, nobody becomes over wealthy. But it is a condition where wealth becomes a common condition that everyone is pleased to have.


        When a whole community of people is pleased to have wealth, then there won’t be people who are poor and begging for existence. Here, everyone will maintain a decent way of living and there won’t be any conditions that are managed by others so that those conditions are only appreciated by people who become affiliated with what has been established for their advantage.


        Everyone has the same advantage as everyone else. So all people are privileged to be a part of the success that has been arranged. People are no longer individually successful, but the success is organized for all to have.


        THINKING will only happen for peace to occur when all people THINK about peace. When that THINKING continues to occur in people’s minds, then there will be more concern about peace than the emotions that take people’s minds away from their logic.


        In order to synchronize your two brain hemispheres, you must be highly aware of the logic that occurs in your left brain, rather than the emotions of your right brain. Once you express the logic of your left brain, like the Earth is doing now, with the total solar eclipse that will bring Darkness, or Spiritual Magnetism, across the U.S. during daytime, you are also attracting the importance of your THINKING to become Spiritually Magnetic so that others can be attracted to the magnetic qualities of the Universe as well.


        Many people who will read what we are stating here will immediately say we don’t know what we are talking about, and that there is no way to relate what humanity does to what happens in the Universe. We all are aware of how the Earth will display the eclipse and how it will extend from Oregon to South Carolina. When the Universe expresses its own desire to affect what happens between day and night, what makes us doubt that the Universe will not affect the way humanity THINKS about uniting itself. These are conditions that occur, whether we like it or not.


        Some people will desire wars because their two brain hemispheres are lacking the synchronicity to be in agreement for peace with other people. This does not mean that all of humanity is thinking that ways. There are people like us who demand peace. And, therefore, we will acquire peace regardless of what others think.


        When that requirement for peace becomes real, we shall continue to strive for everything that unites us, just like the Universe, itself, is united to bring total Darkness to daylight during the total solar eclipse.


        We, who are concerned about the selfishness of other people needing to deny the unity of humanity to bring peace and gracefulness to humanity, will never quit our unity expressing itself to bring people together so that their common interest is unifying people’s two brain hemispheres to always seek calmness, peacefulness and TRUTHFULNESS.


        When people are now in unity, it means that their two brain hemispheres are all united to see the TRUTH coming to humanity as a whole. As a result, humanity will understand that unity now is paramount to everything that happens to them.


        People will care about their fellow citizens, and those who were struggling to provide for themselves, will no longer struggle because other citizens will care for them. This does not mean, however, that you have a whole group of citizens that will be dependent on others to exist. Rather you’ll have citizens showing joy because they, who were once struggling, are now helping others become independent in whatever is necessary for them to do.


        If you worry about the essence of losing what you have collected for all these years, you shouldn’t be afraid of what will happen to you, because the Universe will ensure that what you have now, you will always have. And you will have the ability to gather even more because your potentials will increase to acquire more so that you can give away more to other people who do not have as much as you do.


MQ:  How can humanity overcome the insecurities that single-brain thinking encourages?


PM:        Humanity must be willing to see the peace within the Darkness of the total eclipse. The fact that the total solar eclipse is crossing the U.S. from its west coast to its east coast indicates the Universe, itself, is involved in making that peace very clear to all of humanity.


        The Darkness that will express itself across the U.S. during daytime on August 21, 2017 indicates the ability to overcome falsehoods and lies that have always preceded warfare. When people are bold enough to stand tall about the lies that have always preceded warfare, now people will wake up to no longer accept the falsehoods that entangle the lies that precede warfare.


MQ:  The last total, solar eclipse that crossed the U.S. occurred 99 years ago. That was in 1918. We all know how many wars have occurred since that time and how many millions of lives have been lost to all the wars that have occurred since then.


        Will humanity’s THINKING really expand beyond the limitations of it emotional, single-brain THINKING? And what will people 99 years from now be saying about what we, as humans, did or didn’t do to overcome the insecurities of the our past 99 years (1918-2017) to acquire the Spiritual Magnetism and peace within our THINKING? Will people in the future say that we recognized the value of the total solar eclipse that appeared right in front of our eyes here in the U.S. on August 21, 2017?


        Or, will they say that humanity fell right back into another 99 years filled with warfare due to its same individualistic and greedy concerns?


        Is humanity at a critical mass point in time? Will humanity as a whole really have the ability to synchronize its two brain hemispheres to THINK with the Spiritual Magnetism that is required to bring 99 years of peace, rather than warfare, to our future?


        Also, what is the significance of the number 99?


PM:        Humanity will not solve the problems that exist in the universe now because there is still greed that surrounds human thinking. As long as there is greed, there will always be the need for humans to seek what is available for their best interests.


        When people think for what they can do for themselves, rather then what they can do for other people, there is a big problem. That problem is then confided in their ability to only use one brain hemisphere, instead of the two brain hemispheres.


        When people are confined to one-brain thinking, there is always the need to seek only individual thinking, rather than the thinking that will benefit a whole lot of people. This is why, to solve any problems that we are facing now, we need people’s commitment to deal with individualistic, one-brain thinking as a problem. And this problem must be solved with people understanding the coming total solar eclipse in the U.S.


        If enough people wake up to the message of Darkness (or Spirituality) that the total eclipse represents, we’ll have a good opportunity to begin to overcome impending problems.


        Yes, humanity is at a critical mass point in time because everything happening is overwhelming for humanity. So if things continue to overwhelm humanity, then humanity’s THINKING is now at a critical mass point. This means that humanity is no longer effectively THINKING. Then something has to happen to human THINKING as well. This means that, just like the eclipse that will happen on August 21, 2017 in the U.S., an eclipse will also happen to humanity’s THINKING in a different way.


        Humanity will no longer have the freedom to assume that everything it does is approved by whoever it thinks is there to support its ability to act foolishly.


        Humanity must continue to THINK as if the Universe needs the care that it must exhibit, rather than some foolishness about what humanity can or cannot do.


        Humanity must engage its two brain hemispheres to consider that whatever happens on Earth is under the auspices of the Spiritual Magnetism of Darkness within the Universe. That ability of Spiritual Magnetism emerges from human THINKING by synchronizing the two brain hemispheres. If, however the two brain hemispheres are not organized, then turmoil will prevail.


        Humanity is no longer in that capacity to exercise turmoil in its brain hemispheres because what is happening with the eclipse in the U.S. is a warning for humanity to organize itself to ensure that peace is always within their reach.


        Number 99 represents the transition of what is happening physically to translate into something new Spiritually. Will that newness be valid for humanity to initiate changes in what it will manifest in its coming existence? That’s a question that humanity has to answer for the coming generations. If the question is answered well, then the coming generations will not worry much about what the question signifies.


        However, if the question is not answered well, then it becomes a problematic condition that will happen over and over again.


MQ:  What should people be concentrating on during the Darkness of the total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S.?


PM:   The best thing that people can become involved with is the Dohgon Meditation. The Dohgon Meditation is very clear and simple. All it has to do with is NUMBERS. People must meditate by COUNTING from 0-100 and 100-0. This must be done during the time Darkness persists during daylight during the total solar eclipse that will be crossing the U.S. It will be wise, however, to continue the Meditation even when the eclipse is over.


        The Dohgon Meditation is practiced by COUNTING the numbers from 0-100 and 100-0 three times a day in the morning upon waking, at noon, and before going to bed. This is necessary for all of humanity to connect with its Spirituality and also help synchronize your two brain hemispheres.


        There is a special flux method of COUNTING that is used by the Dohgon. To find out more about this method, please see the “Books” section of our website and consider purchasing, Dialing Your Mind with NUMBERS.


MQ:  What will counting the numbers do for humanity?


PM:   The numbers will create a bridge between people and their Spirits. The more you are connected to your Spirit, the easier it is to understand how the Spirits are your ANKHcestors (ancestors), and you have the ability now to link with them and to know how their presence in the Spiritual World is helping you also to connect with your Spirituality. This takes away the fear on your mind so that you can become mentally strengthened so that your two brain hemispheres can become well synchronized and balanced.


MQ:  How can people be very confident about themselves in practicing the Dohgon Meditation, as well as synchronizing their two brain hemispheres?


PM:   Once you understand the purpose of synchronizing your two brain hemispheres, you will always be settled, instead of overwhelmed with pursuing your purpose. You will now be very confident within yourself to know that everything you are doing is organized and its purpose is consistent.


        If you have any questions, please email us at https://dohgonuniversity.com/contact-us/


Calmness is necessary for the human mind to get back to its purpose of existence. –Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought

Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved. DohgonUniversity.com

South Sudan Needs Your Help

There is a crisis of epic preportions unfolding in South Sudan. The Afrakan country is being ravaged by war, famine, and disease causing thousands of deaths on a daily basis. The suffering, especially to innocent women and children, is extremely severe but we know that no situation is ever helpless. Each and every one of us can make a difference in saving lives. The time to act is now because South Sudan needs your help.

South Sudan is the world’s newest country. It gained its independence from Sudan less than 10 years ago after many years of civil war. However, shortly after becoming a full-fledged republic, the country itself fell into turmoil over tribal conflicts and political and ideological differences between the ruling tribes.

While it may be understandable that every nation experiences internal strife, what makes the situation in South Sudan worse is the unending Drought affecting the entire region. As people watch their crops, animals, and children die of starvation, fighting between government troops and rebel forces is also driving them into UN refugee camps in the millions.

The UN has been trying to broker a cease-fire between government forces and rebel fighters with little effect. At the same time, numerous Aid agencies are on the ground in several areas providing medical aid to the sick and dieing as well as handing out food and water to the starving.

Many people have never heard of the situation in South Sudan. Those who have, fall into several groups. Some people help by donating to charities, some people turn a blind eye thinking that it’s the job of the UN, and some simply don’t care. Forget about the people who don’t care because we know that a great many people care but either lack the resources to help or don’t know how.

If you care about the lives of your fellow Afrakans then there is a way that everyone that cares can help. This very simple method involves the spreading of information. Ever heard the saying…?

Out of sight, out of mind

This is a True and Wise statement. When some people hear about the situation in South Sudan and feel helpless to do anything they simply put it out of their minds. When information is present on the Mind people have no choice but to think about it. When it’s information that affects the Conscience it generates Empathy and people begin to care.

Your task therefore is to spread information. Spread the word to everyone you know in person and on social media. Get daily updates from news sources or do a search on Google Alerts for “South Sudan”. Post the information on your Twitter and Facebook accounts and encourage your family and friends to spread it too.

In time so much information about South Sudan will be in front of people’s eyes that they will have no choice but to think about it. The information will begin to dig into their conscience creating an involuntary response of wanting to help. In time the fighting factions in South Sudan will notice the world looking at them and become self-conscious about their unethical war.

The UN will notice that citizens in their respective countries are holding their political actions in account. They will send in more peacekeepers and other support resources. Aid organizations will notice that a lot more of their donors are watching their actions and allocate more of their resources to the region.

South Sudan needs your help. Start the information spreading campaign today.

Ferguson Is A Wake Up Call, Black People

riot2Tonight the Grand Jury verdict came back and the Police officer that executed Michael Brown will not be charged. Why would he when the problems on both sides of the conflict are systemic. Most Black youth feel they have to prove something, to peers and society and they act lawlessly. Police feel they have a open season on Black youth because of several reasons, most of which is the result of society’s long history of discrimination against Blacks that has left many Black communities disenfranchised.


The measure of a strong people is their ability to rise up out of despaire. Before they can do that they must recognize that they have a problem, in other words they have to become aware. Once aware it leads to accountability. Awareness so far has been either to escape Black communities or endure the hardships by using the comforts that religion provides. It is evident however that neither religion nor relocation has been able to sufficiently change the conditions that many Black people find themselves in.


So what’s the solution? The solution is to find the real you Black people and stop following other people. We have no pride in ourselves because we think that we have no history other than what we were indoctrinated with. We live by an unspoken “adapt or die” code because we believe that there is nothing else. We try our best to change our physical appearance to fit in but the most important thing that we always miss is that the human DNA code is degenerating, it is not improving. And guess what, AfRAkans have the most complete DNA code.


Moral of the story; you can’t expect accountability from others until we become accountable ourselves. Dohgon wisdom is based on acCOUNTability.

Do You Know Why You Are Failing In College?


The Dohgon do not subscribe to that slogan because we know there is a better way to address AfRAkan education. We presents 11 Ways To Correct The Deception:

0. PROCRASTINATION. “Time and Tide wait for no one!” … but you believe Time and Tide will wait for you because you doubt yourself, so you support the wasted mind theory. This theory makes you wait then lose FORESIGHT. Get out of the FEAR. Become pro-ACTIVE and acCOUNTable. Learn to COUNT again with Dohgon COUNTS, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,8.

1. DISTRACTIONS. Disorganized thinking is the main cause of distractions because you believed in the wasted mind theory. Now you are forgetful as well as absent-minded. The easiest way to solve this problem is to constantly recharge your Neural Capacitance to be competitive once again. Our Dohgonite “Challenge-Me Numbers Game” will resolve you and your best friend’s qualms as you play this game just as you’d play a chess game. Recharge your mind with Efficiency (no errors) and SPEED. It’s how to forever cure your Procrastination and Distractions disease. Then, notice your Cs turn to A grades.

2. LACK OF MOTIVATION. The wasted mind theory creates the fear to clearly define your purpose. A purposeless person has no motivation. Become a Dohgonite to learn how.

3. SCATTERED FOCUS. The wasted mind theory generates the epinephrine factor. This hormone increases heart rate, constricts blood vessels and dilates air ducts. Immediately, anxiety explodes with the fear that something is about to go wrong. The search for that something scatters focus, resulting in:

4. BAD CONCENTRATION. To cure this, you must CHANGE your thinking. Our very Powerful Wonder Wheels Games will help you discover that “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Play our Cycle of Focus Game Wheel to determine the ratio of your memory capacity to time. You’ll be amazed to learn how much your memories and grades improve as your game time improves.

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9. INSECURITY BECOMES SECURITY. Discover the Power of The EYE, I mean The Powerful Right EYE of HERU. Get our HOW TO READ YOUR MIND BOOK.

8. CONFUSION TO PROFUSION. Confusion is a result of immaturity. Profusion is a result of Understanding. Confusion makes you greedy. Profusion makes you give freely. Get our Memory-Mind Matrix book to free your MIND!

10. INSTABILITY TO STABILITY. No more Lack of Confidence! No more Self-Doubt! No more Insecurity and Confusion! Why, because “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Come get your Dohgon NUMBERS and Books.

The Dohgon University of Thought is a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Our specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Professor MOmOH KNOWS EVERYTHING!