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Some Thoughts on President Trump’s Strategy for Africa

Anthony Carroll is the founding director of Acorus Capital, a private equity fund investing in Africa, and a vice president of Manchester Trade Limited, an international business advisory firm. He has over forty years of experience working with Africa and is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

On December 13, Ambassador John Bolton, President Donald J. Trump’s national security advisor, delivered the administration’s long-awaited encyclical on Africa before an overflow audience at the Heritage Foundation. In a typically blunt manner, Ambassador Bolton characterized China’s policies toward Africa as rapacious and neocolonial, expressing concern that China would use its leverage over states heavily indebted to it in return for a monopolistic…

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Trump’s Africa strategy should have cast China as a regional partner, not a global adversary

US President Donald Trump has finally approved a “New Africa Strategy”. His national security adviser, John Bolton, described the contents on 13 December at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington. He began positively, declaring that:

lasting stability, prosperity, independence and security on the African continent are in the national security interest of the United States.

But he then went on to ignore Africa’s own efforts to address these broad challenges, including its multilateral initiatives. Instead, Bolton’s announcement was replete with rhetoric reminiscent of the Cold War.

The new strategy makes one thing clear: what really matters to Trump is not Africa but containing and countering China.

The reaction from an African…

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Salem writer disagrees that Christianity trumps First Amendment rights

He asserts "The Bible was never used to justify slavery and opposition to civil rights for African Americans." Yet a cursory review of 18th and 19th …
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Ivanka Trump’s Caribbean Getaway Cost Taxpayers $58,000

President Trump and his family are not the first ones to travel on taxpayers’ dime. But unlike other presidents, the Trump patriarch often criticized the trips taken by President Barack Obama and his family, calling their travels a waste of taxpayer money. Per the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, the cost of the Obamas’ travel during his eight-year tenure cost just under $100 million. By contrast, President Trump’s trips during just his first 80 days in office alone came at a price tag of $20 million. As of this summer, his frequent trips to his Florida resort have been more costly than the probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, which he loves to rail against.

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President Donald J. Trump’s Africa Strategy Advances Prosperity, Security, and Stability

PROMOTING PROSPERITY IN AFRICA AND AMERICA: President Donald J. Trump is releasing a Strategy toward Africa that will advance American and African prosperity.

  • President Donald J. Trump’s Africa Strategy will advance trade and commercial ties to increase prosperity in the United States and Africa.
  • The Trump Administration is developing the “Prosper Africa” initiative to support this goal.
    • The initiative will support open markets for American businesses, grow Africa’s middle class, promote youth employment opportunities, and improve the…

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Trump’s new Africa strategy aims to counter China, Russia – Axios

National Security adviser John Bolton unveiled the Trump administration’s Africa strategy on Thursday, saying the U.S. would revamp its aid and investments in the continent. The plan is largely designed to counter China and Russia.

Between the lines, from AP’s Maria Danilova: “Any renewed U.S. effort to counter China in Africa, however, comes years late. China became the continent’s top trading partner nearly a decade ago and has invested billions of dollars in high-profile infrastructure projects.”

“Africa is incredibly important to the U.S. If we didn’t understand it before, the competition with China and Russia should highlight it for us. Which is why I think it’s a turning point for us.”

— Bolton, speaking at the Heritage Foundation

Bolton accused China and Russia of using “bribes,”…

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