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Top That, Pitbull Or Weezer: Artist Installs Toto's 'Africa' on an Eternal Loop in African Desert

If it seems like Toto's “Africa” has been everywhere the past five months, between Pitbull's Aquaman song and that Weezer-by-way-of-Weird Al cover, …
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Top 10 African Dance Styles of 2018

Africa is known for its rich diversity in music and dance. 2018 was no different as the continent witnessed some of the best dance styles ever created. From North to South, East to West, there is no doubt these dance styles that were trending throughout the entire year will continue to captivate participants and audiences in the years to come. It is amazing to see how creativity has been perfectly infused with African culture and trends to create amazing dances that will tempt you to join the dance floor. It is expected these dance sensations will continue to remain popular in 2019 as the continent awaits new dances.

Let’s take a look at the African dance styles that set the trends in 2018.

1Shaku Shaku Dance – Nigeria

Shaku Shaku is a Nigerian sensation street dance style that took not only…

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Youngest woman in Congress, United States News & Top Stories

It was not so long ago that the youngest Congresswoman in US history felt her life was over.

Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself bar-tending and waitressing at the age of 28, scrubbing tables after restaurant shifts and falling asleep on the subway ride home.

“I once got pick-pocketed, and everything I earned that day was stolen. That day, I locked myself in a room and cried deep… I honestly thought as a 28-year-old waitress I was too late; that the train of my fulfilled potential had left the station,” she said on Instagram.

Bronx-born and of Puerto Rican descent, the international relations and economics degree holder grew up watching her mother mop floors, drive school buses and answer phones to make ends meet, especially after her father died.

She brought the same work ethic to…

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South African anti-drink driving campaign draws flak for faking celebrity’s car crash, Africa News & Top Stories

A young woman films a live Instagram video of herself in a car excitedly talking to viewers. Suddenly, there is a loud screech and a crash, as the phone flies from her grip to show a smashed windscreen.

Seeing this video on any ordinary person’s Instagram feed would be enough to shock most people, but when the person filming the video was South African rapper Nomuzi Mabena, social media erupted.

Mabena first posted several photos on her social media pages on Thursday (Jan 10) implying that she had been drinking and driving. Shortly after, she posted a live video of herself in a car on Instagram, appealing for aspiring artists to sign with her label.

“So if you know any singers, dancers, rappers, DJs, DJs who can sing, dance, and rap-” she says, before being cut off by what appeared to be a…

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Join the conversation on the top priorities for Africa in 2019

Today, the Brookings Africa Growth Initiative (AGI) launches its annual Foresight Africa publication.

Foresight Africa 2019 illuminates the priorities of the continent in the coming year with recommendations for tackling the challenges that lie ahead. In this edition, AGI scholars and invited experts delve into six overarching themes on challenges and opportunities for Africa to achieve shared prosperity and inclusive growth.

As 2019 begins, reasons for optimism about Africa’s ability to capitalize on the progress achieved in recent years and to advance the region’s economic potential abound. Across the continent, economic growth is projected to expand at the fastest pace in five years. Nearly half of the world’s fastest growing economies this year will be African, and massive…

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Top 7 Jamaican & Caribbean News Stories You Missed The Week Ending January 11th, 2019

Jamaican and Caribbean weekly news stories


Calling Petrojam a “fiscal risk,” Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness states he is focusing on protecting the country’s growth plans from any detrimental impacts of the state-owned oil refinery. The viability of Petrojam is in danger due to delayed upgrades and impending loss of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS). JPS will switch to liquefied natural gas from heavy fuel oil in its power plant operations. JPS is Petrojam’s biggest customer. Previously, Jamaica’s government announced its intent to pass a law to retake the 49 percent share of Petrojam currently owned by Venezuela following efforts to assure its share. Holness said…

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