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What is the Real Purpose of the Olympics?

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has now ended and while it was very successful for some countries, it was disappointing and forgettable for most including the host, Japan. The general sentiment is that the Olympics should have never been staged in the first place considering the current global health crisis. However, a lot of people believe the Olympics is a necessary global event for more positive than negative reasons.

What is the real purpose of the Olympics? Is the real purpose of the Olympics to hide humanity’s problems? Is it another way for the rich nations of the world to show further dominance over the smaller and poorer nations? Or is the Olympics a way of encouraging global unity despite the fact that most other tactics are failing?

Humanity remains a dysfunctional species for several reasons, the #1 being lack of knowledge but instead of trying our best to increase our knowledge, we all compensate by using ideology for self preservation. Ideology manifests in different races of people in different ways. In most white people it manifests in a racial superiority complex so they try to prove their superiority in as many ways as possible including in Sports.

When you look at the array of sports featured at the Olympics you should notice that most of them have European origins. What does that mean? It means that there is a psychological message being portrayed that Europeans are the dominant race and it is they who are trying to encourage global participation in sports for a particular purpose. That purpose could be to prove ideological dominance or it could be an involuntary act of Conscience to save humanity as dictated by the Great Spirit that is the Universe.

The real purpose of the Olympics could simply be the same purpose as that of pro sports; it is a distraction that provides temporary reprieve from anxiety-causing social issues. So, just like watching Basketball, Football, or Baseball after a long day at work takes our minds away from our financial, political, and racial problems, watching our elite athletes compete against other countries every four years at the Olympics encourages national pride.

When our nation’s athletes win, we run around waving our country’s flags because we feel emotionally connected to our athletes. The same thing happens in every country, which proves that although humanity is divided into races, countries, and cultures, we’re all psychologically the same. The Olympics is simply the least combative form of global competition we know.

Competition is a human trait that makes us all want to be the best but hopefully the real purpose of the Olympics is to teach unethical races and individuals that also achieving the status of the best race, culture, political ideology, religion, or financial status should be done respectfully.