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Youth want more representation in East African Community affairs | The New Times

Youth leaders from member states of the East African Community (EAC) have called for more representation within the governing bodies of the bloc in order to better communicate their needs within the region’s integration efforts and benefit more from the integration agenda.

They made the call yesterday in Arusha, Tanzania where they are attending the 2nd East Africa Youth Leadership Summit (YOULEAD), which is taking place from Monday to Friday.

It brought more than 150 participants, including youth political leaders and supporters within government entities, NGOs and business organisations from the East African region.

The conference’s director, Ivan Atuyambe, said that the youth in EAC need a platform where they can express their ideas and challenges and urged them to use summits as their…

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Africans should be well informed about AfCFTA – expert | The New Times

The UN Economic Commission for Africa will hold a three-day Intergovernmental Committee of Experts (ICE) conference from November 20-22, in Kigali, to help reach a regional consensus on how to move forward with the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area in Eastern Africa (AfCFTA).

Sunday Times’James Karuhanga this week interviewed Andrew Mold, Officer-in-Charge of the Sub-regional Office for Eastern Africa (SRO-EA) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), to shed some light on the primary objective of the three-day meeting.

Below are excerpts:

What is the 22nd Meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts all about? Who are these experts and what do they do?

This is our annual conference, but in fact we are simply hosts of the meeting – we are…

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African countries are in a race to build new billion-dollar cities for the 21st century | The New Times

An additional 1.3 billion people will be added to Africa’s population by 2050 and, unless infrastructure development happens at an unprecedented pace, sharp housing shortages will likely be an offshoot of the rapid population growth.

The problem will be even more acute in urban areas as more people migrate to cities for access to economic opportunities and better living standards. Indeed, by 2050 all of Africa’s key sub-regions will have more than 50 per cent of their population living in urban areas.

A new report by Estate Intel, a real estate market data and research firm, shows private developers and governments across the continent are spending over $100 billion on new sprawling city projects from Utopian sea-side business districts, smart tech hubs to futuristic residential…

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WAKIO: Tricky times for African policy makers

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There seems to be a leadership vacuum in the world right now, as partly seen in the lack of a consensus in the protectionism versus globalisation policy dilemma.

While prominent global leaders push the envelope with the trade wars, economists are predicting a potential financial crisis.

Notably, global growth has decelerated gradually compared with its strong historical performance. Some of the reasons given for this slowdown include the recent rise in protectionism, dimming of economic activity, increase in trade wars and tighter credit marked by high interest rates.

In recent times, protectionism has gained momentum with leaders seeking to protect their nations’ economic interests, mainly by creating trade barriers.

During the 2016 US election campaigns,…

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The Coeur d’Alene Press – Food and Health, Wait times for a donor heart may vary by race

The wait for a heart transplant varies widely based on factors such as availability of donor hearts and blood type, but little is known about differences in wait times based on race and ethnicity. Now, preliminary research suggests African-American patients may experience longer wait times than other racial and ethnic groups.

Who gets a donor heart each time one becomes available is based on objective criteria such as blood type, body size and how urgently a patient needs a transplant. Wait times, which are partially driven by the geographic availability of donor organs, are generally months long.

In the study,presented Saturday at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions conference, researchers looked at people awaiting…

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EDITORIAL: African media need to shake off shackles of underdog | The New Times

Rwanda marks the Africa Information Day today.

On every given occasion, African media managers always talk of the importance of telling our own story and not relying wholly on foreign media that have their own agenda. And as usual during those gatherings, it is all talk and little action. No one even comes up with a semblance of a footprint of how to circumvent established mainstream media to give out our story.

But as the saying goes; charity begins at home. Before talking about a united and cohesive African media, what will Rwanda take on the table? It is true that Rwandan media has come a long way, taking painful baby steps as it tries to stand on its own two feet.

But we should also be honest with ourselves; we are not yet there, at least the way we would wish to. There are still many…

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