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African carriers post growth despite turbulent times

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African airlines posted an impressive growth in passenger traffic in November 2018, despite a turbulent business environment.

Data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) shows that African carriers recorded a 5.7 per cent increase in passenger demand, over the same period in 2017.

The performance, however, represented a decline from October, when the industry posted 6.4 per cent growth.

In November, capacity rose by 3.9 per cent and load factor rose 1.2 percentage points to 68.9 per cent.

Passenger traffic growth in Africa is being realised despite the economic challenges facing the continent’s largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, and the fact that many African carriers are struggling to remain airborne.

Apart from Ethiopian…

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Change and promise: The times they have been exciting

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This is a special year for this newspaper as it prepares to mark its 25th anniversary in November, and an opportune time to reflect on its journey as well as cast an eye at the future.

Launched as the three countries that originally made up East Africa — Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya — were working towards the revival of a regional bloc following the collapse of the East African Community in 1978, the newspaper’s goal was to champion this dream.

The East African Community was formed and has since expanded to include Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

Notwithstanding teething problems, the region offers immense promise for its citizens and member states.

No wonder we now proudly proclaim that trade and commerce, culture and the arts, education, and even…

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Filling in the Blanks with Dr. Gregory Hutchings: Fresh starts require reflection | Alexandria Times


The new year is always a time of fresh starts and resolutions. But it is impossible to have those fresh starts and new beginnings without reflect- ing on aspects of the past that we don’t want to see repeated in the future.

The new year marks 65 years since Brown v. Board of Education, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that prohibited segregation in public schools. This milestone will certainly be acknowledged in public education throughout the country, alongside the progress we have made as a nation.

We have come a long way since May 17, 1954, when the court stripped away the legitimacy of laws that segregated people by race, and instead made equal opportunity in education the law of the land. Since that date, Alexandria has had an African-American School Board Chair, an African-American…

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South African gospel singer expected to perform in Kigali | The New Times

Renowned South African gospel singer and member of Spirit of Praise choir, Papane Bulwane, is expected in Kigali, come July.

The worship group was established in 2008, and serves as a platform to introduce new artistes and to help launch their careers.

During his visit, Papane will stage a live album and video recording concert dubbed “Gospel is my Life” on July 21.

His album will also feature songs by local artistes including Ada Bisabo, Bosco Nshuti and Esron Ndayisenga of True Promises Ministries.

“Rwanda has the grace of praise, that’s why I chose to record my new DVD in this beautiful country,” he said.

The 37-year-old singer is known for of his tracks like; Nasempini, Yingakho ngicula, Halempotsa, Impilo yami and Ndohamba among others.

Born in South Africa, Papane started…

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Hauling vintage South African club into modern times

With its imposing columned facade, hunting trophies and oil portraits, the Rand Club in Johannesburg’s city centre is a relic of South Africa’s colonial and apartheid past.

Founded in 1887 by British mining magnate Cecil Rhodes, it was the favoured venue for white businessmen and free-wheeling gold prospectors to strike deals and socialise in the hushed library or at the 102-feet teak bar, reputedly the longest in Africa.

But Alicia Thompson, a black woman born in Johannesburg, is seeking to reposition the club, which has struggled to stay open in recent years, by attracting the city’s “young hustlers” of today while preserving its heritage.

Alicia Thompson, a 46-year-old beauty business owner who is the club’s deputy chairman, said that she had faced “not one iota of…

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What 2019 might hold for cryptocurrencies in Africa | The New Times

The appetite for digital currencies is yet to sour in Africa. There are over 2000 active digital currencies worldwide and more keep being issued. Among the latest and perhaps to watch out for on the continent in 2019 are the AfriUnion Coin (AUC) and the AfriNational Tokens (ANT).

Both digital currencies, which Forbes Africa describes as a quest to revolutionise the financial system on the continent, are the brainchild of George Gordon, the Director of Africa Master Blockchain Company.

Unlike the majority of current digital currencies, which are based on speculative models, he explained in a December 2018 issue of the online magazine, that the AUC and the ANT are designed for a transactional purpose.

If they live up to their billing, they will allow international payments, remittances, foreign…

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