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Netanyahu defends Egypt border fence: Influx of African migrants more dangerous than terrorism – Israel News

The danger of African illegal immigrants entering Israel through the Sinai Peninsula is worse than the risk of terrorism, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. He said that if it weren’t for the fence along the border with Egypt, Israel would lose its national character and face a hopeless situation.

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African countries discuss rebellion, terrorism in Kampala

Heads of various security organs from 11 African countries are meeting in Kampala, Uganda, to discuss the impact of armed rebellions and terrorism in the region.

Security chiefs from the intelligence dossier are discussing how regional governments can work together to end activities of armed groups.

Representatives from South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Mauritius, Madagascar and Comoros are all in attendance.

They are meeting as part of the Eastern African Chapter of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa, CISSA.

The body gives intelligence report to the African Union for policy-making.

According to the Executive Secretary of CISSA, Shimels Semayat, the quest for most armed groups in the region is often over the control over…

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Reporting on ‘African gangs’ akin to ‘media terrorism’, says Melbourne campaigner | Australia news

The co-founder of the #AfricanGangs campaign says widespread media coverage connecting crime to people of African descent in Melbourne was akin to “media terrorism”.

Speaking at a forum on the so-called “African gang crisis” at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne on Monday, Natalina Andrew said she used the term because “they are trying to terrorise my community.”

She cited the example of teenagers allegedly being provoked by a Daily Mail photographer, an incident that was criticised by Victoria police.

“We panic when it’s 6pm or 6.30pm, time for the current affairs or the news,” she said at the Monash University forum. “We call each other and say: what are they saying about us, are they talking about African people … The end of your bulletin is the start of our…

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Mexico rules out terrorism in Caribbean ferry blast – Xinhua

MEXICO CITY, March 11 (Xinhua) — Mexican authorities said Sunday that an explosion on a passenger ferry last month was neither a terrorist attack nor carried out by an organized crime group.

On Feb. 21, 24 people including five Americans were injured in the blast aboard a ferry that shuttles between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel island, two of eastern Mexico’s top tourism destinations.

The passengers were mainly tourists and employees of hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

Authorities are still investigating how and why the homemade “rudimentary explosive” was planted on the ferry, which was docked in Playa del Carmen when the device exploded and tore a hole into the side of the vessel.

Probes are still trying to identify and arrest the probable suspects, Alberto Elias, spokesperson…

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Mexico: Crude device caused ferry blast, terrorism ruled out

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican authorities say a rudimentary or homemade explosive device was responsible for a tourist ferry blast that injured 26 people Feb. 21 in the Caribbean resort city of Playa del Carmen.

But Deputy Attorney General Arturo Elias Beltran said Sunday at a news conference that terrorism and organized crime have been “ruled out.”

Federal prosecutors say there is no motivation for a terrorist group to have carried out an attack. They also believe criminal gangs would not have done it, knowing it would draw unwanted attention and increased security.

Prosecutors also say an object found attached to the underside of another ferry belonging to the same company later near Cozumel Island is a similar “rudimentary artifact.”


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Beware Of Conspiracy Theorists

conspiracy theorists

Beware of conspiracy theorists; they are pied pipers of ignorance.

As the Age of Aquarius unfolds the awareness of humanity will increase in Fractal magnitude. Awareness is a dynamic condition that expands with the acquisition of knowledge. As is evident, knowledge that once took decades to acquire is now achievable in years, months, and days. New advances in technology are the drivers that are helping to increase humanity’s collective awareness. Unfortunately, these same technologies are also tools for subversion.

The subverters are conspiracy theorists and their adversary is government. Furthermore, conspiracy theorists believe that secret society elements are using the government, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to control people through mass manipulation. Conspiracy theorists believe that its their duty to correct lies about Space exploration, Aliens, Flat Earth, Global Warming, Terrorism, Mass Shootings, and even Slavery.

Although conspiracy theorists have existed for decades, they came to prominence after September 11th, 2001 (911). It was then that regular people, through the help of Social Media, began to consider the alternative messages conspirators were spreading. Most people have a natural skepticism of government so when they heard that terrorism was being planned and executed by secret government organizations whose aim is to eliminate the individual freedom of everyone in the world they began to believe it.

After 911 many alternative news sources, aside from mainstream news networks, began to question the timeline, the personal accounts, and the footage of the event that were being fed to the public. So much misinformation flooded society that to this day many people are still not convinced of what really happened on 911. Of course that only serves to keep skeptecism of government alive and well.

By the time the next mass killing occurred in the United States a decade after 911 the term “False Flag” was being used by conspiracy nuts to spread misinformation on social media. They quickly began to spread the lie that absolutely no children died in Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. The NRA, the most powerful gun rights advocacy organization in America, caught on to the power of the False Flag movement and used it as an opportunity to blame Liberals for creating deceptions for the purpose of restricting gun rights.

Fast forward to 2017 and every time there is a mass shooting or an act of terrorism, in America or Europe, False Flag conspirators are to first ones on social media searching for clues and spreading misinformation. They represent both Right and Left wing ideologies and some have even started attacking survivors of mass shootings, calling them liars and paid actors. Beware of these False Flag dummies that have nothing better to do than further victimize crime victims.

Another group of conspiracy theorist to beware of are the Flat Earth advocators. These are the growing number of people, mostly religious and occultists, who believe that the Earth is a flat disk. They describe the (so called) North Pole as being the center of the world, while Antarctica is the surrounding edge. North, South, East, and West are all point on the edge of Antarctica. The Sun, Stars, and Planets are all rotating above us outside of our invisible protective dome.

For 500 years it has been accepted in academic circles that the Earth is a sphere. Humanity came to that conclusion after observing the Stars and Planets and realizing that the every celestial body was rotating on its axis (an unseen center point). Even the Dohgon people of Mali, West Afraka (our spiritual ancestors) have ancient charts that describe this Galactic rotation. So why do people still believe the Earth is a flat disk?

The reason why people are clinging to Flat Earth conspiracies is because of this same fear of government. Imaging what a grand deception it must be to fool people for 500 years into believing that the Earth is a sphere. Why would the government be doing it? Conspiracy theorists have an answer for that too. They believe that the government is hiding evidence of humanity’s true origin and existence, in essence, robbing them of their true ability and potential.

Dohgons do not subscribe to conspiracies. We believe that the Earth is a sphere and the Galaxy exists similar to the description provided by astrology and cosmogony. Our Ancient ancestors, who have been observing the heavens for a millennia, have left knowledge for us to follow and learn. By observing the patterns in nature we have been able to decipher how abstract energy waves created tangible reality.

Therefore, we don’t believe in gods and we don’t waste our time focusing on finding Aliens. We do know that Desire, which is the base driver of human consciousness, has become corrupt. Therefore money and power hungry individuals are actively trying to manipulate governments to their gain. As far as a Grand Deception, we don’t believe it. Humanity is a part of Life and Life is a conscious entity that is learning as it progresses on a quest toward universal awareness.