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First African-American mayor laid to rest – The LaFayette Sun



A well-known La-
Fayette resident with an
extensive background in
law enforcement and local
politics was laid to rest
last week. The man who
holds a place in the his-
tory books of LaFayette
as the first African Ameri

can mayor in the city and
decades long law man
passed away in late No-
vember, but now leaves
an extensive resume with
his legacy on the city of
Robert C. Finley, was
laid to rest on Friday
November 30, 2018 after
a ceremony at Mt. Sellers
Baptist Church in LaFay-
ette. The ceremony…

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Yet more African attacks in that area, reminding us again it is often best that refugees in tribal Third World war zones are helped where they are rather than imported:  

Three men have been bashed and robbed by a group of about 20 youths amid violent scenes at St Kilda foreshore on Saturday night….

Two people were arrested as up to 100 youths were involved in a brawl on Beach Rd.

The huge group, of mainly African appearance, gathered next to Donovans restaurant before the chaos began about 11.30pm.

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Caribbean sun has Aussies primed

After a difficult week for Australian cricket, fans looking for something to smile about need look no further than Antigua, where the Australian women’s team have kicked off their World T20 preparations under the Caribbean sun.

Meg Lanning’s squad touched down in Antigua on Wednesday and after a brief chance to overcome their jetlag on the local beaches, began their preparations in earnest on Friday with their first training session at Coolidge Cricket Ground.

It was an opportunity to dust off the cobwebs after a lengthy journey from Kuala Lumpur – that saw the Australians stopover in Dubai and London before finally reaching the Caribbean – ahead of Saturday night’s (Sunday 11am AEDT) first warm-up match against England at the same venue.

“We’ve genuinely tried to relax and get around the…

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A woman apparently from a Labor campaign called Steve Price and me “racists” on air this week  for mentioning African crime. 

Since then there’s been a spate of violent attacks, including now this:

A young chef says he thought he was going to die when about 20 youths of African appearance set upon him with a metal pole, knuckle dusters and a champagne bottle, after asking him for a cigar­ette as he left a restaurant in ­Melbourne’s St Kilda at the end of a shift.

Add that, too, to the bill for our refugee program.

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THE chopping and changing of coaches, the lack of stability and a clear vision, will always set African teams back in international football.

This is the view held by many on the continent, a sentiment echoed by lots of coaches as well as ex-professionals, including Lothar Matthaus.

Speaking to StarTimes in Hoffenheim yesterday, the former Germany international and 1990 World Cup winner praised the efforts of the African teams, particularly Nigeria, Senegal and Morocco at the last World Cup.

But he also lamented the fact that the from the CAF confederation invariably fail to go further than the quarter-finals in the global showpiece.

“If you change the coach each six months… each year, the team cannot have stability,” said Matthaus.

“One year you play offensive, one year defensive. One…

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James F. Lawrence: Board adopted equity plan without sufficient buy-in – Opinion – Gainesville Sun

I’ve just finished reading “Uncensored,” the memoirs of a 21-year-old African-American with a troubled upbringing who overcame his circumstances with a first-class education. As I flipped through the pages of Zachary R. Wood’s compelling story, I couldn’t help but think of the importance of the new equity plan for Alachua County Public Schools and how the School Board acted prematurely in adopting it without sufficient community buy-in.

Because the plan is meant to strategically close the huge achievement gap between black and white students in the county, it ought to have been a board priority to gain strong support from the African-American community. After all, it’s black students who are struggling.

Yet with insufficient public notice, the board adopted the plan earlier…

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