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We need maritime strategies that encourage trade within Africa

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The Kenyan Permanent Secretary for Shipping and Maritime Affairs Nancy Karigithu spoke with Fred Oluoch about use of marine resources in the region.


From the Nairobi conference, it is clear that developing the Blue Economy needs global co-operation. How can East Africa ensure that it is not left behind?

East African countries have no choice but to join the new trend because 90 per cent of international trade in the region happens through shipping and particularly through the ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam.

The maritime industry is an all-inclusive sector because it is the different sectors of the Blue Economy that develop our national economies.

The efficiency of international trade affects the gross domestic product of…

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African-American Participation in AD Research: Effective Strategies

Is Alzheimer's more common, or different, in black Americans? Or do cerebrovascular risk factors account for much of that community's …
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Returning, circulating, staying put: Complex family strategies among African migrants

While there is an increase in studies of return migration to Africa (Åkesson and Eriksson-Baaz, 2015;Ammassari, 2004; Boyer, 2016; Bredeloup, 2016; Chappart, 2008; Flahaux, 2013; HernandezCarretero,2017; Kleist, 2017; Sinatti, 2011) and of the transnational family arrangements of African migrants (Beauchemin et al., 2014; Baizan et al., 2014; Mazzucato et al., 2014; Mazzucato and Poeze,2016; Poeze et al., 2016; Koudougou, 2016), there is still little evidence of the way complex return mobilities are embedded in family dynamics. Family configurations are changing over time with varying aspirations and decisions to return to the place of origin, to circulate, or to stay put (in theplace of destination). Furthermore, with the return of a family member, new patterns of mobilities within the…

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As China’s Investment Strategies Shift, African Partners Face Risks

When the China-financed Nairobi-Mombasa Railway opened in May 2017, it became Kenya’s largest infrastructure project and a high-profile achievement for President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of his successful bid for re-election.

The 440-kilometer line cuts travel time in half and promises to make goods drastically cheaper to ship. But by August, widespread administrative issues, including difficulties with ticket purchases online and on the day of travel, had stymied passengers, leaving some to wonder whether the project had been rushed to completion.

As operational issues smoothed out, deeper concerns emerged. The railway cost Kenya nearly $4 billion and may take decades to pay for itself. Environmentalists worry about the impact on a vast nature preserve, and an independent analysis suggests Kenya…

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Workshop on Cyber strategies, Cyber legislation and National CERTs

Workshop on Cyber strategies, Cyber legislation and National CERTs. Date: 23 – to 27 July 2018. Venue: AUC HQ, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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NMiF talks strategies for improving the health of African American children: UNM Newsroom

This week on New Mexico in Focus, host Gene Grant sits down with Yvette Kaufman-Bell, executive director of the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs, to discuss strategies for improving the health of African American children in our state.

High school students with Working Classroom, a local organization that provides trainings to young artists, actors and media makers, spent a day in the NMPBS studio recently to talk about journalism and the education system. The conversation they had about improving the school experience is excerpted in this week’s program.

Many of the families arriving at the U.S. – Mexico border are seeking asylum. Correspondent Megan Kamerick sits down with Jennifer Moore from the University of New Mexico School of Law to discuss current international…

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