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Dauphin County man continues to tell the story of African Americans who served in World War II

"When you see the movie Patton, said Utley "You don't see any African Americans, and we had no images to connect with when we played war games …
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A Story Worth Sharing: Alabama’s Red Tail Scholarship Foundation takes flight to help African-American students soa…

Last October, Hurricane Michael slammed the Florida panhandle with 155 mile per hour (mph) winds. Mexico Beach was largely destroyed, except for one exceptional, and now much reported on, house called the Sand Palace. Does it offer a guide for building for the future?

Strengthening buildings to reduce damage from natural disasters is called mitigation, and is a topic I have researched. I can’t tell anyone how much they should spend to strengthen their home, but I can help you think about this question.

African American museum provides modern support through historical lens – Story

– Museums are a large part of the appeal of St. Petersburg, Florida, but a lesser-known museum should go on your list of must-see attractions due to its historical significance. 

At the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum, literature tells the story of the struggle for freedom.

The museum’s executive director, Terri Lipsey Scott says, “We have some of the most robust programming in the southeast region that relates to African American art, history, and culture.”

The museum was founded in 2006 in the former home of the area’s first black housing community, Jordan Park. 

“Just being in this space that was created for African Americans exclusively during a time of segregation has its own story,” Scott said.

The museum is not exclusively about historical…

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Minnesota lawmakers unveil bill aimed at keeping African American families together – Story

– In what has become a heated and emotional issue in recent years, some Minnesota lawmakers are once again trying to stop the state from taking so many children of color away from their families.

Rep. Rena Moran says that when there are parental rights cases or child custody cases, black families are treated unfairly and have a much greater percentage of children taken away from them.

Moran was joined by Sen. Jeff Hayden and other advocates Monday, unveiling their bill called the Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act. The goal is to keep children within their extended families during protective services cases.

“We know that in Minnesota, a black child is three times more likely to be removed from their home than a white child,” Moran said….

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Black History Month: In Depth look at the LA Fire Department’s fight from Segregation to Integration – Story

– This week’s Black History Month show focuses on one particular story. It’s the history of LA’s African American Firefighters. In fact, we are there for the entire show as we hear about The LA Fire Department’s history and its years of racism decades ago.

It’s all described at a Fire House in South LA that was one of only two where black firefighters could work during years of segregation. The story of The African American Firefighters Museum is the move many years ago from segregation to an integrated fire department.

It’s the story of this week’s FOX 11 News IN DEPTH.


This week’s show starts outside The African American Museum at 1401 S Central Ave in the shadow of Downtown LA. This was once a working fire station, but because of its history…

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Toddler dresses up as iconic African American women for Black History Month – Story

Sasha Bonner is the mother of a 2-year-old ballerina and wants to provide her daughter the knowledge to be who she aspires to be. 

Riley Johnson has taken Black History Month on with a fun twist. The mother and daughter duo began reading up on African American woman who impacted society and Bonner came up with the creative idea to play dress up in an educational way. Every day of February Bonner helps her toddler dress up as an influential African American woman.

Bonner came up with the idea while young Riley was home sick with the flu and on quarantine. Her mother wanted to find something creative to pass the time. 

They began with learning about black ballerinas which were their first post on Misty Copeland.

Bonner also wanted Riley to know she can be…

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