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Toni Preckiwinkle and Chicago mayoral election: A split black vote could undo her front-runner status

Where will the black vote go in the historically crowded 2019 mayoral campaign?

At least 13 candidates will be on the ballot. The vote will be sliced and diced by demographics, political inclinations and style.

Chicago’s a tribal town, where voters tend to lean along racial and ethnic lines.


For African Americans, however, that tendency has not been enough to elect a black mayor in decades.

African-American voters, roughly a third of the electorate, are a coveted commodity.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel would not have won two terms without it. African-American anger over Emanuel’s policies surely played a role in his decision to hang it up.

Like his predecessor, Richard M. Daley, Emanuel co-opted black leadership and keep the real threats at bay.

Harold Washington was the last — and only…

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