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I Am AfRAkan, Not Hebrew

I am AfRAkan, not Hebrew. I am the first human from which all humans were created. I was not made by the gods of man; I was created by the Spiritual intelligence of the universe which exists in the form of Pure Dark Energy Waves. Scientists studying the universe are still confounded as to what is holding the universe together. It is Pure Dark Energy Waves (PDEW) which like all forms of energy is abstract and exists infinitely.

To create me PDEWs transformed from abstract energy to physical matter through a permutation process. Europeans say the universe was created from a “Big Bang” when a single particle of matter exploded. Now they are spending billions of dollars trying to find these Higgs Boson or “god particles” to prove it. Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought says no! Matter forms when PDEWs flux (cut into ½ waves) until a subatomic particle form. He is a high priest of Dohgon Spirituality who has the ability to bring ancient AfRAkan knowledge back into reality.

So, why do some Black people believe that they’re Hebrew?

Some Black people claim Hebrew as their ancestry because it comforts their disconnection from the Spirit of the universe. All modern religions had their origins in KMT (Egypt). It was during their captivity in KMT that the Hebrews, who are an original offspring of AfRAkans to begin with, gained deep understanding of human nature and created a mystery god; one that could not be seen so it could not be killed while at the same time providing strength by way of faith in the midst of despair.

When the Ethiopian Akhenaten became Pharaoh of KMT he began to adapt and combine Hebrew concepts with traditional Egyptian beliefs. Hebrew beliefs slowly corrupted Kemetic science to re-focus AfRAkan consciousness from an inner existential bonding with creation to an outward reliance on an imaginary comforter.

Eventually the Hebrews gained their freedom and as it did in KMT their new spiritual beliefs gave them strength to also defeat their Arab cousins in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and throughout the region. Recognizing the power of the mystery god, and not wanting to continue to be humiliated by their ancestral cousins the Hebrews, the Arabs then created their own version of a mystery god and called him Allah.

The decline of Egyptian society was slow and painful for AfRAkans. In time, the overwhelming influx of foreigners of Greek, Arab, Hebrew, and European origin resulted in widespread corruption. Most AfRAkans eventually left KMT, including those who wished to preserve the original knowledge of the land and people. Some of that knowledge is hidden in Ethiopia and Sudan while some went as far away as South AfRAka and Mali, West AfRAka where the Dohgon people now reside.

Christianity originated in Israel 2000yrs ago after the Romans conquered much of the Middle East. Although they defeated them physically some Romans marveled at the resilience of the Hebrews who refused to bow to the Caesar of Rome as their god. Instead they gained strength from the teachings of Jesus who thought them to hold steadfastly to the faith in their mystery god that saved them before. It would once again deliver them out of bondage.

Roughly 50 years after Jesus was crucified by the Romans, the Roman general Saul began to investigate Hebrew beliefs. He then claimed to have a divine intervention on the road to Damascus, Syria in which the God of the Hebrews struck him off his horse in a flash of light and instructed him to accept the teachings of Jesus. Saul’s conversion to becoming a follower of Christ may have started out as a covert mission to investigate the Jewish resistance. No one knows for sure but soon he became Jesus’s 13th disciple, dispensing wisdom to all who would listen.

Saul gave up his battle armor for civilian robes, changed his name to Paul and continued gathering all the information about Jesus that he could find. He pieced together accounts from Jesus’ former disciples, followers and befriended priests. He wrote letters of encouragement to Christian ministers across the roman empire and soon he became the self-appointed keeper of Jesuses’ legacy. He compiled the teachings and accounts of Jesus into a book and called it the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Black Hebrews of today are the descendants of those original Hebrews who helped to corrupt KMT. They were the first AfRAkans to accept the mystery god of the Hebrews but since they cannot change their skin (meaning their skin is too dark) they will never be accepted as one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. They are discovering that it was their ancestral philosophers who wrote the scriptures in the first place but like their ancestors, what they fail to understand is the psychology behind the mystery god concept. 

Now most Black Hebrews say that they don’t want anything to do with the “dirty AfRAkans”. That is because they covet the same thing that Jews, Christians, and Arabs covet; the favor of their unethical illusionary god. They clamber to go home to Israel but when they arrive, they don’t get the same welcome as European Jews. Instead they get beaten, killed, deported, or forced into military service.

Their Organs are untimely harvested to keep European Jews alive and their women are secretly put on contraceptives to limit their population. The only thing Black Hebrews can do is comfort their ignorance of reality with the belief that they are “the real Jews”. As for me, I am a descendant of original AfRAkans and I am proud of it.